#Philly Cheesesteak Recipes

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers ready to be served.

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

These are AWESOME for a quick and hearty weeknight meal. I hope you all enjoy ...

Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes on a toasted roll.

Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes

I've seen the idea for this on Pinterest. But It lacked onions and peppers, It ...

Philly Cheese-Steak Stromboli

Did you know: A hot dog vender named Pat Olivieri invented the Philly cheesesteak back ...

A tray full of Philly cheesesteak sloppy joes.

Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes

I got this recipe from a family friend. My husband and kids love it!

Individual philly cheesesteak peppers

Philly Cheesesteak Peppers

Got this from a friend years ago, recently saw it in my cookbook on the ...