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Baked Acorn squash with cranberry quinoa and seared brussel sprouts on a dinner plate

Roasted Acorn Squash With Cranberries & Quinoa

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By Rebecca OWENS
Acorn squash is a delicacy to me. It is a tongue happy meal i say ...
A platter of Salmon Croquettes.

Salmon Croquettes

Sena Wilson avatar
By Sena Wilson
My mom made the best salmon croquettes when we were growing up. She had a ...
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A bowl of Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls with crusty bread.

Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

Deb Wilson avatar
By Deb Wilson
I got this recipe from a community cookbook years ago - they were trying to ...
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Home-style Chili

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By JILL McEachern
My family loves chili especially on a cold day. This chili recipe is very delicious ...

Mom's Brisket Carbonnade

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By Fran Murray
This is a wonderful, flavorful way to make a brisket. Although it does take a ...

Mom's Beef Stew

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By Fran Murray
My husband is a sucker for meat and potatoes. I've made this recipe often over ...

Apple Pork Chops With Cider Gravy

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By Nor Mac
I have passed this recipe around to my family and friends per requests for this ...
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