#Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Two tall glasses of refreshing & delicious Watermelon Strawberry Smoothie


This is a flavorful and refreshing beverage to have this summer. It's a great way ...

Two tall glasses filled with a mix of fruit juices.

Polynesian Smoothie

This beverage is refreshingly delicious and the flavor will take your taste buds on a ...

A couple glasses filled with juice.

Caribbean Smoothie

Refreshing, filling, easy to prepare, and packed with vitamins & nutrients, this is a great ...

A couple glasses of green smoothie with a small bowl of pistachios and mango, kiwi and banan in the background

Green Smoothie

Healthy and refreshingly delicious, this Green Smoothie is a tasty breakfast drink to start off ...

A smoothie garnished with a slice of kiwi and a raspberry.

Kiwi Raspberry Smoothie

Full of vitamins, proteins, fiber and other nutrients, this quick & easy beverage is a ...

Chewy granola with coconut and sliced almonds, can be served over Greek vanilla yogurt and fruit such as papaya. We pick papayas from a tree in our backyard!

Hawaiian Chewy Granola

We visited Kona, Hawaii in 2006 and had this soft, chewy granola served on top ...