#Fondant Recipes

Homemade Fondant

I always made fun of fondant, how it looked, tasted, it just didn't look good. ...

Prune Delicacies

I love prunes! Stuffing them with nuts and ginger are wonderful but also stuffing them ...

Molten Chocolate Cake- Nigella Lawson's Choco-Pots

Made this recipe so many times, never seem to fail! Chocolate addicts love it. Great ...

Surf's Up, Wedding cake

The bride was Cindy and her favorite flavors are chocolate and orange so this is ...


Our first steak cake

Marshmellow Fondant

This is a great recipe to replace store bought fondant.

Cheeseburger cake

Found this in a magazine

Caramel Popcorn Cake

Found this in a magazine

John Deere® Cake

I made this cake for a very special little boy for his 3rd birthday. I ...

Marshmallow Fondant

I had 'zero' experience with cake decorating when I decided that rather than paying $120.00 ...