#dinner recipe

Beautiful baked chicken breasts topped with prosciutto then eggplant, marinara sauce and cheese plus garnish with fresh chopped parsley


Colorful, easy to make and definitely tasty, this is a dish to enjoy anytime or ...

A delicious bowl of Pumpkin Chili topped with sour cream, shredded cheese, cilantro and green onions.


Comforting and non-traditional, this recipe is incredibly flavorful! It’s a great one-pot meal that you’ll ...

A gorgeous pasta dish made with chicken, fresh vegetables, pesto and seasonings.


This quick and delicious colorful dish is perfect to serve for either lunch or dinner.

An avocado with sweet peas spread on a toast and topped with a poached egg.


In less than 15 minutes, you can enjoy this delicious dish for any meal of ...

This vibrant pork and seafood risotto is an absolute must make fall dish, comforting and delicious.

Pork and seafood risotto with turmeric

I sometimes prefer starting by cooking the seafood in the pan with a knob of ...

This one pot chicken and olive pesto sauce bake is made in a skillet, it takes very little to prepare and it's utterly delicious.

Skillet chicken and olive pesto sauce bake

Long peppers It’s a nice ingredient to use particularly paired with turmeric as it helps with ...

Yayy, Gnocchi! They are easy to make, now you know! Serve it with mascarpone cheese sauce, asparagus, herbs and some mushrooms for an utterly scrumptiois meal.

Gnocchi recipe with asparagus, peppers and mascarp

* To decrease the time of cooking the potatoes you can microwave them ...