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Posting this one for Stormy.

I've had the recipe for a long time, but don't make it often.

So the photo is not mine.

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depends on what size you cut your pieces
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1 1/8 c
brown sugar
1 1/8 c
regular white sugar
1/2 c
1/3 c
maple syrup
1 1/8 c
heavy cream
1/4 tsp
1 1/8 tsp
vanilla nut extract (i use my homemade vanilla)
1 1/8 tsp
maple extract


1In a heavy saucepan, (cast iron is good), mix your sugars, cream, butter, maple syrup and salt.

Turn stove to med. and start stirring. Once mixture begins to heat the sugars will start melting.
2Use a wide metal spatula and keep running it over the bottom of the saucepan while stirring to make sure it does not scorch.

Continue stirring until mixture begins to boil.
Turn heat down but keep mixture at a soft boil.
Keep stirring mixture for about 7-to-9 minutes.
3To test take a small spoonful and drop into a cold glass of water. The mixture should form a soft ball in the water, and not just float to the bottom of the glass.

OR...the temperature on a candy thermometer reaches 234ºF.
Once it's reached this stage remove from heat and add extracts.

Now stir for 14-to-16 minutes off the heat. The mixture will slowly start to lighten in color and thicken.
4Line a small (square) dish with parchment paper and scrap all the thick mixture into the pan.
Smooth evenly in pan.

Mixture will/should make a square approximately 6" x 6" and maybe 1" deep.

If you don't have a small square pan, you can use foil, just form a wall in a pan to keep the fudge contained.
5Place fudge in your refrig until completely set (Option: Sprinkle a bit of coarse sea salt over top of the fudge if you like it that way).

Fudge will/should become solid but not hard.
6Pull the edges of the parchment up lifting the fudge out onto a cutting board or kitchen counter. Then with one of your sharp knives cut fudge into 1" squares (or whatever size you like).
7Store on parchment paper in a sealed container, (I use a Tupperware container, the Zip Lock ones are good too), in your refrig.
8If you can stay out of should last about 2 weeks♥

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Course/Dish: Other Appetizers, Candies
Main Ingredient: Sugar
Regional Style: American