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At this time of the year, I always find myself looking back fondly about the "good ole days." Sitting around campfires, or maybe relaxing in the cool breeze of a special summer evening. And who doesn't remember going to bed super early on Christmas Eve to make sure Santa didn't miss you. Memories that put a smile on my face.

I think these begin coming back to me because I start making dishes that were handed down from my mother and grandmother. It's great how one recipe can stir up so many memories.

Nana's Jam-Jam recipe reminds Lindsey Cook of her childhood. "My nana made these cookies for all her grandchildren every time we went for a visit," says Lindsey. "They remind me so much of my childhood and all the wonderful memories I have from my nana and papa's home." I can't wait to make these again to share with friends. These are crispy, sweet and have such wonderful flavor.

I love both the technique and the flavors found in Heidi Claros' Grandma's Apple Strudel. "This is my grandma's recipe passed down and I'm sorry I do not make it any other way because it's the way I like it," reminisces Heidi. "It brings back a lot of memories [for] me." Brew up a nice cup of coffee to go along with this and enjoy!

"[I] hope you enjoy one of my favorite things to make with my grandma. Reminds me of my childhood!" says Natasha Snell about her recipe for Cream Cheese Mints. I, too, have fond childhood memories of these sweet little bites! They're great for gift giving and will brighten up any holiday table. I've even used these to decorate cakes and cookies.

If you love icing like I do, double the frosting amount to ensure ample cake coverage when you make Mollie Hubenak's Nanny's Italian Cream Cake. "For our birthdays, [grandma] would always make us the cake of our choice. This was ALWAYS my choice." This is an incredibly moist and tasty cake. And I just love that Mollie surprised her grandma with this cake on HER birthday. What a great granddaughter!

April Alvarez's Grandma Baldwin's Mayonnaise Cake/Pudding Frosting is a lovely example of a perfectly designed chocolate cake. "My grandmother Baldwin would make this every weekend and when I got old enough to ride my bike, I would ride from one side of San Diego to the other just to eat a piece!" One bite of this one and you'll see why April rode all that way. If you haven't tried a mayo cake before, you must. It's oh so moist.

I hope some of these sweet recipes, got you thinking about your old recipes. I'm interested to know, what's your favorite family recipe?

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barbara bozeman - Dec 22, 2013
Biscuits were never measured, there was a large wooden bowl that always sat in the cabinet full of flour. buttermilk. bacon grease and salt,baking soda and baking powder were added to the milk and my mom would work the flour into the liquids until she thought the dough was thick enough and then she would choke out her biscuits. usually 30 to 40 biscuits. the oven was very hot and baked the bread for 10 to 15 minutes
barbara bozeman - Dec 22, 2013
home made buttermilk biscuits. I love them, I grew up on a farm in southern ohio, waking up on a winter morning to the smell of home cured bacon or sausage and coffee brewing on an old wood cookstove.I knew that dad was at the table and my mom was at the stove frying eggs for breakfast and making gravy. how I loved breakfast! thank you guys for sharing.-mrs. bozeman
Donna Bardocz - Dec 17, 2013
It would have to be my Hungarian Nut Rolls recipe Janet! Hungarian Nut Rolls.

I have been busy getting ready to prepare them to give out to my close family members this Christmas as everyone has already been making sure I will have one for them.

Merry Christmas to you and all the JAP team! :-)