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Bake Sales Can't Be Beat

Old Timey Fudge

From Halloween events at school, to church gatherings and fall festivals, there seems to be a bake sale everywhere I turn these days. I'm sure all you wonderful home cooks have been asked to contribute something from time to time. This made me think about some great recipes I have found that would be perfect for a bake sale.

Kimi Gaines has an unusual recipe for something called White Trash. What is this you ask? Only a wonderful snack with the perfect blend of sweet and salty ... and a snap to make to boot! "I sell [this] at our church youth group bake sales," says Kimi. "It's a hit every time." I warn you, this is addictive. You may have to step away from the table.

"The shortbread cookies are wonderful on their own ..." says Jill Hanses of her recipe for Twix Bars. I agree, the shortbread is great. But the chocolate and caramel make 'em a winner. These cookies may be slightly labor intensive, but I would put these on my must-make list. The pay-off is worth the effort. Package these in individual baggies and everyone will be stopping by to pick up a bag.

I seem to always gravitate towards fudge. To me, a nice box of fudge is essential to any bake sale. Millie Johnson has tweaked her mom's Old Timey Fudge recipe and made it her own. "You may use any kind of nut you like (or no none at all)" says Millie. Millie used pecans in her recipe. I added walnuts to mine. But, since not everyone likes (or can eat) nuts, I would definitely make a nut and non-nut version of this fudge. People are going to love this classic recipe and want more.

Brownies are another one of those classic desserts we tend to see at bake sales. But, Kelli Thomas has a Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies recipe that takes brownies to a whole new level. Kelli says her brownies are "super moist, super right and oh so sinful!" Minus the raspberry, this is a really good brownie recipe. But, WITH the raspberry these are a do-a-jig delicious. A great twist on a wonderful bake sale dessert.

I also love the twist on cupcakes Tiffany Young came up with in her Yellow Cake and Brownie Topped Cupcakes recipe. These cupcakes were easy to make, pretty to look at and delicious to eat! Tiffany had her boys help her when making these, which I think is great. Baking is a wonderful way to spend some quality family time.

While I love my chocolate and cakes, sometimes it's nice to offer a healthier recipe for people. Karina Alcala shared her Good for You Zucchini and Apple Bread that is a hit with her kids (and if the kids love it, you know everyone else will too!). "I developed this recipe so it's good for you and it is still sweet and moist," says Karina. The apple and zucchini are a flavor match made in heaven. You can make these as one loaf or mini-muffins which would be a great addition to any bake sale.

I encourage you to put on your baking cap and start whipping up some wonderful treats in your kitchen. It's always nice to raise some money and get rewarded for your baking ability!

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Sylvia Copeland - Nov 3, 2013
I am looking for a recipe using brandied fruit for friendship cake that does not use cake mix. I have part of it but it is old and some of it has faded.I know the recipe for the starter.
Rose O'Connell - Oct 29, 2013
Elizabeth go to the Old Timey Fudge where it is in blue letters and click on that-should take you to the recipe.
Elizabeth Dick - Oct 29, 2013
I didn't get the recipe on the chocolate fudge or I missed it. Thanks if you can send it.
Kitchen Crew - Oct 29, 2013
Cindy, it's best to send any questions you have for the staff to help@justapinch.com. Someone in the Kitchen Crew will do their best to answer your questions.
Cindy Pierce - Oct 29, 2013
I have several general questions for the staff. Is this the appropriate venue to ask them?