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Special Seafood Recipes You Can Make at Home

Herb Crusted Salmon with Pasta Florentine

If you were to ask me what my favorite type of food is, hands down I'd say seafood. I've never tasted a scallop, crab or salmon recipe I haven't liked!

If you're a seafood lover too, then Daune Browne's (Calais, ME) New England Bouillabaisse is for you. "Serve it in heated bowls with French bread," suggests Daune. I used a combination of shrimp, scallops and lobster, and the result was a scrumptiously savory soup fit for a feast.

If you're serving a crowd, Betty Campisi's (Kaplan, LA) Shrimp and Okra Gumbo is a great recipe. It's not your typical roux based gumbo made with oil and flour. Okra thickens this gumbo which is very traditional for the older generation of Louisiana.

"This is one of my families favorite," shares Betty. Cooking down the vegetables adds tremendous flavor and tomato pulls the dish together. By adding the shrimp at the end, they're cooked perfectly. Pure southern Louisiana comfort food and delicious!

"Everyone who has ever tried this dish just loves it - even the non-fish eaters," says Debbie Rohan (Boerne, TX) of her Dubliner Irish Cheese Crusted Fish. I'd never cooked with Dubliner cheese before either... but I will be again! It adds great flavor that really enhances the dish. The Panko crumbs, mixed with the cheese, mustard, and butter, make the crust perfectly crunchy and flavorful. I used cod in this recipe, but I think any fish would be delightful.

Looking for a light dinner? Try Cindy Rice's (Springfield, VT) Grilled C.A.T. Sandwich. "I am trying to eat healthy and loose weight and I also wanted a grilled cheese sandwich," explains Cindy. "So after thinking about it I came up with this."

I would never have thought to combine avocado and tuna, but I really liked the combination. The avocado's a creamy and delicious way to replace mayo. And I love the idea of using coconut oil to grill with. As Cindy says, "this is a healthy, delicious alternative to a plain ordinary tuna melt." I can't wait to make this again!

Seafood is a great choice if you're having a special night in. Two recipes I love are Sheri Raleigh-Yearby's (Waco, TX) Herb Crusted Salmon with Pasta Florentine and Ashley Burnam's (Phoenix, AZ) Seared Ahi Over Asian Green Beans and Carrots. Both sound fancy, but are easy to prepare and very impressive!

"A great date night recipe," Sheri thinks and I'd agree. I can't say which is the best in Sheri's recipe - the pasta or the salmon! The spices are just right and the salmon is cooked to perfection. Then, the pasta is so rich and creamy. Together they make a really pretty and good entree.

Ashley's tuna is perfectly seared. Sauteed in butter and garlic with fresh black pepper and a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes, the veggies that accompany it are absolutely delicious. "It doesn't take too terribly long and it looks really pretty when plated," shares Ashley. This has become a favorite recipe when I want to prepare something special.

Consider these easy and flavorful recipes when you're next thinking about seafood for dinner. Do you have a favorite recipe? Share it - I'm always on the hunt for something new. Happy Pinching!

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Lou Kostura - Feb 22, 2016
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Andy Anderson ! - Feb 17, 2016
If you like catfish... these are excellent.

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T G - Feb 16, 2016
This is one of my favorites. Very easy and very delicious. BUTTERY BAKED SALMON
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