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Lemon Brightens Up Summer Desserts

Lemony Doodles

I love lemon all year long, but there's something about summertime when I tend to crave lemon desserts. Now that the weather's getting warmer, I just want to jump into my kitchen and get cookin'.

One bite of Cheryl Redes' Mama's Lemon Custard Delight and all will be right in your world… it's that good. "This recipe has been handed down from my great-grandmother as an easy summer dessert to dance on your palate," says Cheryl. "Now I've passed this delicious family recipe down to my daughters, who are my sous chef in the kitchen!"

This amazing dessert is so rich and sweet that you can practically taste the love that's been handed down through the generations. A wonderful old-fashioned dessert.

Kelly Asselin's mother-in-law passed down one of her favorite lemon treats - her Lemon Tropic Layered Dessert. "I love anything with lemon," exclaims Kelly. "[My mother-in-law] finally handed it to me a couple of years ago."

What a find! This silky, sweet treat would be the perfect addition to any potluck or summer luncheon. Pure happiness in every bite.

"This is a recipe that came about because of my love of all things lemon," shares Mary Nell Forrester. "My kids and grandkids love snickerdoodles. I wanted to make a lemon cookie, but couldn't find a recipe that I like so I decided to experiment."

I could not walk away from the plate of Mary's Lemony Doodles. Lightly sweet and lightly lemony, these delicate cookies really hit the spot. I recommend serving these delicious treats any time of the day.

Jan Knowles' Luscious Lemonade Cake is such a fresh, summer-tasting cake. It's perfect for a picnic, family reunion or just because it's Tuesday.

"Experimenting in the kitchen, I came up with this special cake recipe and frosting," explains Jan. "My friends are begging me to make this cake for them [again]." One bite and I bet your friends will be asking for this again too!

Dave Smith saw a request for Tin Cut Lemon "Mousse" on Just A Pinch, so he shared his childhood recipe with us. It's a light, refreshing dessert you can easily whip-up when friends drop by.

When I tasted the recipe, I topped it with blueberries because I love the blueberry/lemon flavor combination. But top this anything that suits your taste! I bet fresh raspberries would be fab too.

Perfectly sweet and creamy, Aurora McBee's Creamy Lemon Oatmeal Bars are going to become your "go-to" dessert.

"[I] threw these together in a hurry this morning so they would be nice and chilled for after supper," says Aurora. "[They're] creamy and refreshing!" The oatmeal and lemon flavors compliment each other lovely. And, these couldn't be any easier to make. Relish!

If you're hunkering for a bit of lemon, I suggest trying one of these lemon-tastic desserts. Your taste buds will be very happy. Have a favorite lemon dessert? Share it with us! I'm always on the lookout for new recipes.

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Heidi Hoerman - Jun 15, 2015
Lemon is so good and so versatile. If I've zested a lemon but don't need it's juice right away, I wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and it keeps fine, in the fridge, for several days. If you need juice but not zest, you can harvest the zest before you squeeze the lemon and freeze it in plastic wrap for later use. Finally, if you have a garbage disposal in your sink, grind the squeezed lemon halves instead of putting them in the trash. Your disposal and drain will be clean and smell of lemon.
Joann Brown - Jun 14, 2015
It is now 1:36 am and I can't wait until tomorrow am to go to shopping for all ingredients. ....bought a big bag of lemons at the grocery a few days ago...I must have known I would be baking. Thank you everyone for the luscious recipes.
Carol Junkins - Jun 13, 2015
Lemon Tea Bread No kidding this is addictive ~ !!