Helpful Hints, A Bachelor's Guide Volume 4

Helpful Hints, A Bachelor's Guide Volume 4
Created November 2012 (Second Edition)

michelle 'FLAME' kelley
By michelle 'FLAME' kelley @flameswithinice
a mom to her son
I want to thank , Ms JoSele Swopes for all her help in the hints dept. Your research was invaluable

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Stormy Stewart - Nov 8, 2012
way to cute
Susan Cutler - Nov 8, 2012
Michelle, what a wonderful idea! Your son will be far ahead of the crowd with this..Thank you so much for adding my "Substitutions List" to the book, you made for your son. Little things sometimes can be the filler of life. You never know when you could find yourself without and then the "oh no's" would kick in. I have been there before. I hope this will be a kitchen saver for him in his young life as well as in his future. Once again, thank you and I am thrilled you chose to add my posting.

Deborah Robertson - Nov 8, 2012
This could be for a single young woman as well as a batchelor! I like the concept of this book. So many practical things, presented in a creative and potentially amusing way.
Kim Biegacki - Nov 7, 2012
Michelle, another wonderful cookbook for your son. It is very creative and has all the essentials. Love it!