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keeping the bathroom clean

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michelle 'FLAME' kelley
baltic, CT

Ok guys here is the number one place your girl will go ewe if you don't pay close attention to cleaning this room. you can wipe down the counters, put up clean a towel and make sure the toilet paper is on the roller, but if you don't clean the back part of your toilet where you splash,the girls will be disgusted with you! Your Guy friends may not care, but your female friends, well ah that is totally a different story. Your pals may not give a care if you wiped off the splash but then again they don't need to sit on your bathroom toilet. The chick you might like does.

(2 ratings)
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Ingredients For keeping the bathroom clean

  • here is where you need bleach!
  • guys do not mix ammonia with bleach you will kill your self. remember you science fellas . bleach and ammonia make a toxic gas that will kill you where you stand. use one or the other but do not mix.
  • 409 works the best here. soft scrub, bathroom cleaner or simply hot water and soap.
  • bleach the toilet. use 1 cup bleach to gal of water to clean the top and back part of the seat

How To Make keeping the bathroom clean

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    ok lets start high and work low. start here and work towards the floor.
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    mirror, clean with vinegar and water in a spray bottle, or make your own widex(see recipe)newspaper(only the black and white pages no color) or paper towels.
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    now remember to clean the shelves of the medicine cabinet. (take off everything and wipe down each and every shelf.) done? wipe down the faucet then the counter ending with the sink. straighten up under the sink. (your trash can, can find it's home here)so can your plunger.(be sure to wrap your plunger in a plastic bag so it doesn't drip on the floor.)
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    now straighten out any shelves you might have in here. now here comes the big task of tackling the throne. start with the top. remove lid carefully as to not drop and break it. wipe it down well. now take your rag or sponge and wipe down the front and sides. remember to rinse the sponge or rag often. wring it out! wipe down the sides of the toilet and now get behind the seat. wipe this area well. lift the seat to get it all. You all think you hit the whole but um lets face it fellas you splash. now rinse and wipe the seats(Yes both parts). rinse again, wipe the rim of the bowl and the entire sides and bottom by the floor as well. pick up your bathroom rugs and wash these at least once a week. Can't wash them? then take them outside and sweep them off and shake them out real well. when all is washed down rinse out the sponge or rag real well. pour a little of your bleach water into the bowl and let set for a few seconds. with rage wipe under the rim and the bowl.(this is where bowl brushes come in handy.$1.00 at the dollar store keeps your hands out of the bowl)once you're finished with the rim scrub the bowl all around and the bottom by the drain. finished? flush.
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    now sweep the floor and mop it. empty your bucket into the toilet(as long as you didn't drop anything large into your water. flush again and your bathroom is done. make sure you have placed your air freshener either on the counter or on the back of the toilet.