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lets face it guys sometime you as a unit can be clueless. You act like cooking and cleaning and taking after your needs is all that matters. I know that is how some of you have been raised but lets face the facts those days of woman staying at home and only taking care of the house and you big strong men going off to work are over. We work outside the house just as much as you do and our jobs are just as time consuming as what you do all day. coming home to cook and clean up after our boyfriends just isn't in the picture any longer.


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    getting the big picture,
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    seeing what is right in front of you and acting on it
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    we as the female of the species no longer are the stay at home type
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    the days of the stay at home "little woman" for many of us is not a option
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    very few can afford to be stay at home anything. cooking,cleaning and tending to the men for most of us is not a option

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  1. ok,lets be frank here. we live in a error were to think as cavemen just is not attractive. Most of the female population these days have jobs, work outside of the home because we have a brain. We like to use it too. Guys don't get me wrong we still enjoy the gentleman who opens our doors for us and pulls out our chair. one who will pay the bill on a date and open the car door. We like to be pampered and know that we are truly cared about. But on the other hand we want to be treated as your equal. The days of the fairer sex are long past. you no longer have to save a damsel in distress. we want to be placed by your side not up on a pedestal. we want to work with you not for you. we are not put here on this earth solely for your comfort. Gentleman, you need to open your eyes and see us for who we truly are.
  2. We cook,clean,work and mother your house,your food and your children. We hold jobs and still do all this? weaker sex? Hardly! So when you sit there in your "special"chair,clicking the remote and screaming "honey bring me a beer,will ya." stop and think what she has been doing all day. MMMM
  3. bachelor, if you are thinking of dating a single mom, Please think long and hard. Because if you are dating the mom, you are dating the child as well. Your feelings for their mother maybe lite, but for those children nothing is lite. depending on how long since "dad"left, the wound could be fresh. Ask yourself( am i ready for a ready made family?), If the answer is no;then dont start dating the mom. move on because your bit of fun for the moment is going to hurt them in the long run. Don't use a single mom as a test run to play family,because it's not you who is hurt when you walk away. don't meet the kids till you are ready to take your relationship one step further,there is no need to rush anything. Don't try to be the "dad" while dating because you will not make any friends there. Leave the discipline to mom and don't let her make you the heavy, it is not fair to you or the children, because it sends mix signals. When you do meet the kids, let them know you aren't there to take their dads place but you would like to be their friend.
  4. when taking a woman home to her apartment don't jump and assume she is going to have you come in. If this woman is a single mom please don't spend the night at her place. spending the night at her place and being seen by the children with no intention of making it last only sets the children up for confusion and you up for a whole lot of questions you may not be ready to answer. You're better off to just go home or to your place or a motel if you two want to be intimate. Don't set yourself or her up for questions neither of you are ready to answer.
  5. women are a confusing lot, we say nothing is wrong when asked even though we are either pissed off,confused or upset. fellas it is our tone on which we tell you nothing is wrong that is the key on how you should react. but unfortunately for you,you can only learn our different tones over time. So when you are first starting to date us you are in the land of confusion. When we say we would like flowers,we are not saying spend your paycheck on a dozen roses, one single flower means more to us than a dozen.(if the girl is not happy with one flower from you and gets mad because you didn't put out for a whole dozen then she is a gold digger darlin and you need to run!)
  6. the standing rule for thumb is as follow,
    1. flower means you are something special in my life,I was thinking about you.
    2. flowers could mean anything from darling I love you, to I'm sorry.
    3. flowers or more means I screwed up and I know it.
    4. flowers or more given to a woman when she has given you a special gift.(had your child or said she will be your wife)

    now what was mentioned above is not a standard across the board but GOOD starting point, but if a woman is not please with whatever gift you bring her no matter how small, then she is not a woman worth being with. A gift from your heart is a special gift no matter the cost.
  7. last for not but not least of all, gentlemen, please remember just because you think we should know how you feel don't think we do. We need to hear you say you care for us. we need to know you love us, you need us and you want us. Don't assume that we know. Don't think your body language is enough to show us how you feel about us. like the flowers, you telling us you love us,is worth so much more than you buying us a cold piece of jewelry.(now don't think we don't like the jewelry once in awhile)but your simple words "i love you" once in awhile will mean more to us in the long run.
  8. Don't overuse the words,Like giving too many gifts for no reason,saying "I love you" too often makes them become weak and lose their meaning and feeling. Don't say them simply because you think it's what she wants to hear. Don't say them unless it's truly how you feel.

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