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How Do You Like Them Apples (Recipes!)

Okanagan Apple Muffins

This past weekend I went apple picking with my grandson and had such an enjoyable day. There is something wonderful about being outside on a fall day that just makes everything perfect. We had so many laughs, and picked SOOO many apples.

Why is it when you are at an orchard you don’t think you have picked enough apples. Then, you get home and realize you have way too many! But, I love apples and love to create wonderful recipes with them. So, I look to my favorite home cooks for some apple inspiration.

Caramel apple flavor in a bar cookie form? Inspiration found! “These bars are sticky and yummy!” says Sharyl Maack’s of her Caramel Apple Pecan Bars. All I can say is love, love, love! Make sure you slice the apples really thin on this one to make sure they cook through. These bars are such a wonderful treat.

Looking for another treat? Try Brenda Forbes’ Cranberry Apples. “Rarely do I not have this made and in my refrigerator!” says Brenda. I chose a combination of Granny Smith, Gala and Red Delicious apples for this recipe. The mix was terrific. Brenda has this when she is looking for a healthy treat. My mind of course goes to something a little more sinful… wouldn’t this be good warm atop a flaky biscuit?

You know what else is delicious when warm? Doreen Fish’s Okanagan Apple Muffins. When Doreen said “If you only make one muffin in your life, this should be the one,” I knew I was going to make these and I am so happy I did! These muffins have a perfectly sweet taste, a delightfully crunchy topping and made the house smell delicious!

Speaking of delicious, nothing epitomizes apple-goodness more, to me, than Patti Smith’s Ghee’s Old Fashioned Apple Pie. “This was one of [my mother’s] favorite pies to prepare for all of us,” says Patti. By using a frozen pie crust (I’m all about time-saving tricks!), this pie is super easy to put together. Patti used Gala apples which are a terrific choice (and perfect, since I had some of those on hand). This apple pie is a dessert standout!

Melissa Baldan’s Savory Apple Pinwheels may not be a dessert, but they definitely stood out to me. According to Melissa, “every time I make these they are the first appetizer that is gone. They are absolutely delish!” I used Granny Smith apples in this recipe and the outcome was delicious. In fact, when I went back to grab a second pinwheel some sneaky person had eaten the last of ’em.

Your family is guaranteed to ask for seconds (maybe thirds!) when they try Shannon Smith’s Upside Down Apple French Toast. This is one impressive – and really good – breakfast casserole. “No syrup needed for this,” says Shannon. “The brown sugar, butter and apples provide all the wonderful flavor needed and of course the creme topping doesn’t hurt either.” I especially enjoyed that creme topping! In fact, I think it would make a wonderful dip for fruit too.

Whether you decide to cook up a storm or eat your apples just as they are, enjoy this wonderful – and versatile – fruit.