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Sandwiches for a Summer Dinner

Sandwiches for a Summer Dinner

Sandwiches for a summer dinner are a delicious option when a hearty yet light meal is needed. They are one of my favorite things to make, so I’m sharing five super flavorful Blue Ribbon sandwich recipes I enjoy.

Filled with fresh ripe tomatoes, a BLT is the quintessential summer sandwich. With her BLT With Avocado & Spicy Sauce, Veronica Morales (Dallas, TX) puts her twist on the recipe.

“This is a good, healthy, filling sandwich that goes great with chips or a pickle,” thinks Veronica.

Veronica adds cheddar cheese and avocado to her BLT. What I love, though, is Veronica’s spicy mayonnaise. Serrano chiles and cilantro add a kick of spice to this simple sandwich.

“This sandwich holds up very well in a cooler and seems to get more flavorful after a couple of hours when the ingredients have melded together,” explains Suzanne Banfield (Basking Ridge, NJ).

The smoky flavor from grilled veggies with spicy candied bacon in this Summer Picnic Sandwich is superb. Cheese, turkey, and creamy roasted red pepper aioli make the sandwich perfect.

As Suzanne says, “Cut a big wedge, pour a glass of iced tea or lemonade, and enjoy the day.”  

There is nothing ordinary about Robin Lieneke’s (Chamois, MO) Salmon Club Sandwich With Dill Caper Aioli.

“This is the sloppiest, most amazing sandwich ever,” shares Robin. “The key is fresh. Everything fresh.”

Salmon filets are lightly seasoned and perfectly flaky when cooked. A cool and tangy caper dill aioli is smeared onto a toasted bun.

Then, tomato, lettuce, and bacon are added to top off this amazingly delicious sandwich. With layers of fresh flavors, this is an impressive club sandwich that’s easy to prepare.

Enjoy Ashley Bateman’s (Ashburn, GA) Picnic Club Sandwich with chips and a pickle, and it’s like you’re eating a deli sandwich… without having to run to the deli.

“Had this last 4th of July, and my family and friends loved it,” says Ashley.

Layered with meats, cheese, tomato, and lettuce sandwiched between toasted bread, I can see why. Mayonnaise, chili sauce, and sweet pickle relish create an aioli that’s the perfect sandwich topper.

“My husband recently came up with the recipe, and we can’t get enough,” reveals Melissa Varady (Gainesville, FL). “The ingredients combine to the perfect mixture of salty, sweet, and savory.”

You can throw Melissa’s Flavorfully Fantastic Chicken Salad Sandwich in a pinch. The apples and cranberries add sweetness to the salad, while the pecans add a certain nuttiness to balance things out.

I like that this chicken salad recipe doesn’t make a large batch – only a few servings. It’s great if you’re only cooking for one or two.

Sandwiches are great because almost any ingredient can be stuffed inside two pieces of bread. See what you have in your fridge and create your summery dinner sandwich, and don’t forget to post your recipe. Happy Pinching!