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Casseroles Recipes for Those Nights You Don’t Want to Cook

Hamburger Potato Casserole

I love to take the time and prepare a fancy meal for my family. Then there are those nights I just don’t want to cook but also don’t feel like take-out. That’s when I plan to make a casserole. Nothing is easier when you want a hearty meal without a lot of work.

Redneck Mac ‘n Cheese Casserole is like no other you’ve ever tried,” thinks Cheryl Kemptner (Palm Desert, CA). “This is an easy go-to pot luck, family/friend gathering, funeral, holiday dish that I have made since the early 1960s.”

This recipe intrigued me… would I like the pimentos and onion? I loved it! Pimentos and onions add tons of flavor. This is not your typical macaroni and cheese. It’s rich and creamy from the cream of mushroom/mayo mixture.  Make sure to add the Ritz crackers with the cheese – it’s a delicious topping.

Debra Russell’s (Hillsboro, AL) Heavenly Casserole reminds me of beef stroganoff but with a red sauce. Yum!

“The cheeses melt in your mouth with an Italian sweetness,” shares Debra. I loved the texture of the egg noodles when the creamy layer and cheese melts into them. Mixed with the meat marinara layer, it’s an awesome comforting bite.

This is a tangy, creamy, layered Italian casserole. Your family will definitely clean their plates and ask for seconds.

Mary Lundschen’s (San Antonio, TX) Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole reminds us of an old-fashioned chicken and rice casserole… with a twist.

“This is a ‘Top of the List Casserole’ for my husband and me,” reveals Mary. “It is something about the wild rice and the other ingredients that go so well with each other. All the ingredients can be from your shelf and/or freezer.”

Adding mushrooms, pimentos, and wild rice makes this chicken casserole a little extra special. Overall, this dish is creamy and cheesy with great flavor. It’s nice to prepare dinner and have meat and veggies combined. A delicious timesaver.

Tuna casserole is the ultimate casserole and I love Amanda Dunlap’s (Yukon, OK) recipe.

“My family asks for this dish at least once a month,” explains Amanda. “Even people that don’t care for tuna love it! It’s easy to make and tastes even better the next day.”

Amanda’s My Swiss Cheese Tuna Casserole is not your ordinary tuna casserole recipe. The traditional casserole is brought to a whole new level (almost a little fancy).

From the albacore tuna to the Swiss cheese, the flavor is a bit richer in this casserole. I loved the texture from big chunks of mushrooms. Sweet peas balance out the savoriness of this creamy casserole. French fried onions are the crowning glory on top. Not only do they add flavor but make for a pretty presentation.

“This is a quick casserole version of hamburger steak with onions, brown gravy, and potatoes,” says Cheryl Mosley (Decatur, TX) of her Hamburger Potato Casserole recipe.

Flavorful and easy to make, the final result is a cross between a baked goulash and beef stew. Between the onion soup mix and gravy mixes, there is plenty of seasoning. As this casserole cooks, the gravy thickens and the potatoes soak up all the flavor.

If you’re looking for an easy, fuss-free weeknight meal definitely give one of these Blue Ribbon casseroles a try. Want more casserole recipes? Then check out our Casserole Crazy collection. Happy Pinching!