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Easy Menu for July 4th

Strawberry Shortcake Red, White & Blue Bites

How is the Fourth of July nearly here? With all the craziness of 2020, this year is flying by to me. Since my part of the country is beginning to open up, I plan on hosting a few friends on the 4th. I’m putting together a simple menu that I thought I’d share.

Bruschetta is an easy appetizer everyone loves. Nor Mac posted her Bruschetta Roasted Tomato Mozzarella Appetizer that I like.

“I love mozzarella and tomatoes,” reveals Nor. “This is a great appetizer with roasted tomatoes and a little pesto. Top with mozzarella. It is so yummy.”

The tomatoes are roasted in this recipe that brings out their sweetness and adds an extra layer of flavor. Have all the elements prepped and assemble right before guests arrive so the cheese is perfectly melted and the bread stays crunchy.

“These were quick, simple, and delicious,” says Brooke Chadwick (Rossville, GA) of her Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders. “My kids raved over them!”

There is just something about a delicious slider. The burger has the perfect amount of seasoning from the addition of onion soup mix and Worcestershire. Melted cheese adds extra goodness and, of course, everything is better with a bit of bacon. I love serving these on mini Hawaiian rolls. They add an extra sweet touch to this yummy burger.

If your friends and family like ribs (like mine), I love Brad Nichols’ (Pleasantville, NY) Simple, Succulent BBQ Baby Back Ribs.

“This is an easy way to consistently make very tasty fall off the bone BBQ Ribs,” shares Brad. “For anyone who doesn’t have the time, equipment, skill, or desire to spend 2.5+ hrs to smoke/BBQ ribs the ‘proper’ way, this recipe will give you a great outcome that only the most hardcore BBQ fanatics would object to.”

While this may not be a favorite of barbecue purists, this home cook loves the cooking approach. The meat is tender, delicious, and just falls off the bone. Adding a few ingredients to store-bought BBQ sauce enhances the flavor of the ribs.

“I love making up flavorful sauces for marinating and basting,” explains Susan Feliciano (Oak Ridge, TN). “I used to try to avoid things that required basting, but after doing it a few times and noticing the difference in the finished product, I am now a fan!”

Since the grill is already lit, why not prepare a side dish on it. Susan bastes her Grilled Vegetables With a Tangy Sauce that’s out of the world good.

The sweetener used is sorghum which is similar to molasses. Susan used onions, zucchini, and yellow squash on her kebobs. But also suggests eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers would be good too. I love this recipe because you can use what vegetables you have or can find.

I’ve talked about Catherine Thompson Floyd’s (Burlington, MI) Strawberry Shortcake Red, White & Blue Bites before. Festive and easy to make they’re a go-to dessert.

“Just a bite of deliciousness,” is how Catherine describes these. “Strawberry, cake, whipped cream, and a blueberry topping to pop into your mouth and enjoy!”

They taste like inside out strawberry shortcakes. The cake and strawberry combine to make a great filling. Quick and easy to make, kids can help make these. All can be done beforehand, but top with whipped cream at the last minute so they don’t deflate.

This July 4th will be a little different than years past. That’s OK. Because you know what hasn’t changed? Enjoying good food with a few friends. Stay safe and Happy Pinching!