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Five Christmas Desserts Your Family Will Love

Peppermint Velvet Gooey Butter Cake

One of my favorite parts of a holiday is dessert. All the cooking is behind me. It’s my time to sit down, relax, and catch up with my loved ones. A cup of coffee, a slice of pie and great conversation is the perfect Christmas ending. I always make sure that my Christmas dessert table is filled with goodies.

“So easy and so delicious,” is how Catherine Cantrell (Columbus, GA) describes her Cafe South’s Pecan Pie recipe. It came from her husband’s grandmother, Mona, who made desserts at a restaurant called Cafe South in Georgia.

There’s no corn syrup in this easy pecan pie recipe. Vinegar is the secret ingredient and it balances out the sweetness of the pie (you can’t taste it). The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for it to cool.

Another pie I love is sweet potato. Teresa Howell (Cusseta, GA) shared her Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pie that’s heavenly.

“This sweet potato pie is a pie my aunt always used to make and serve it with vanilla ice cream,” says Teresa. “A memory that I’ll never forget.”

It has just the right amount of spices. Buttermilk gives the pie a buttery, tangy richness. Serve with freshly whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon. This pie will be a sweet and creamy ending to your holiday meal.

Fruitcake is a love it or hate it treat. Personally, I love it. If you don’t think you’re a fan, I encourage you to try Rose Mary Mogan’s (Sauk Village, IL) Mama’s White Fruit Cake (Family Favorite). It’s not your ordinary fruitcake recipe.

“This recipe has been in our family for as long as I can remember, at least 55 years or more,” reveals Rose Mary. “It only has one fruit. I sometimes use red and green cherries, or just one color, plus the nuts. You will love it.”

We enjoyed having one candied fruit in this cake. It means the fruit doesn’t become the overwhelming flavor and you taste the delicious pecans. Adding lemon extract gives a different flavor to this fruitcake. Guests will be asking for a second piece of this!

Roberta Savio’s (Jacksonville Beach, FL) Pinulada (Honey Balls) will be an adorable addition to your dessert tray this Christmas.

“My mom would use festive holiday bowls and bring to people she would visit,” reminisces Roberta. “Fun and easy to make. I remember making these when I was just a kid.”

The inside of the honey balls stay soft and the outside gets a bit crisp. A honey sauce is where all the flavor comes from. Colored sprinkles add crunch and make these a festive dessert.

We’ve seen these called Struffoli too and are a great little bite to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re wanting to give a small to-go gift to your guests, this would make a great one.

Put a butter cake on the table and guests go crazy. Put this Peppermint Velvet Gooey Butter Cake on your Christmas dessert table and you’ll become everyone’s favorite person.

“Gooey butter cakes are very popular in my family and we often serve these during the summertime,” shares Crystal Schlueter (Babbitt, MN). “I wanted to make a gooey butter cake that is festive enough for the holidays. This one fits the bill!”

This cake is rich and decadent. But the chocolate drizzle and peppermint put it over the top. Red velvet cake is an awesome base. The cream cheese layer has a mint flavoring, chunks of candy canes and blends so good with the bottom layer. Best served slightly warm, this is a wonderful holiday twist on a classic butter gooey cake.

Is there a must-make dessert on your holiday menu? Share the link to the recipe below! I’m always looking to try new desserts. Happy Pinching!