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Simple Sandwich Ideas for Tonight’s Dinner

Rocky Mountain Oven Toasted Subs

Once a week I do a sandwich night. It’s an easy option and I can tailor the recipes to what my taste buds are in the mood for on that day. Here are a few delicious sandwich recipes that’ll be perfect for dinner.

“This was a spur of the moment idea that turned out great,” shares Lauren Perkins-Boyd (Portland, OR). “Super fast and healthy.” Lauren’s Grilled Chicken Sandwiches W/ Cilantro Lime Mayo is downright scrumptious.

Lauren sprinkles chicken breasts with taco seasoning and throws them on the grill. Just as they are done cooking she squeezes a little bit of lime juice on the chicken that adds a nice zing. Her mayonnaise topping is what makes the sandwich, though. It’s made with cilantro, garlic, and lime juice so it’s bursting with flavor.

Lynda Hayes (Port Saint Lucie, FL) set out to create a healthier sandwich when she made her Healthy Choice Tuna Melt. It cuts back on the fat, but you don’t lose any of the taste.

I love a good tuna melt and this sandwich is delicious. The bit of mayo makes it creamy and I like the crunchiness the celery added. This is quick, easy to prepare and quite tasty.

“These are so simple to make and so good,” thinks Cindy Dutton of her Turkey Bacon Feta Wraps. Your family won’t say “another boring sandwich” after they try these wraps.

Stuffed with turkey, this wrap is crunchy from the coleslaw, juicy from the tomatoes, smoky from bits of bacon, zesty from crumbled Feta cheese, and has a little zing thanks to the sweet purple onion. It’s a great flavor combination and sure to satisfy your hunger.

Man, Kade Tanner (Deer Trail, CO) created a hearty sandwich. “I made up this Rocky Mountain Oven Toasted Subs and it turned out to be a very successful experiment,” shares Kade. “If one wants to add some spice to it, I recommend adding pepper jack cheese to it instead of Muenster.”

Layered with assorted meats and melted cheese and topped with mashed avocado, pickles, and cool ranch dressing, it’s quite tasty. Since they serve two-three (depending on how big you cut the slices), this one sandwich would serve a small family.

Nothing is more comforting to me than a grilled cheese sandwich. Rhonda E’s (Juneau, AK) The Ultimate Grilled Cheese is something you’d expect to find at a fancy deli, but you can make one at home.

“I got this idea from ingredients that go good in a salad and I just put them in a sandwich instead,” explains Rhonda. “Serve with a little Italian Dressing sprinkled with parmesan cheese on the side to dip in.”

A smear of garlic mayo packs a punch of flavor and makes the bread very crisp. The Gouda melts wonderfully and it pairs perfectly with the salty bacon, spinach, and softened onion. Every bite is a gooey bit of flavor!

Next time you’re answering the “What’s for dinner?” question, think about making a sandwich. They’re a simple option and loaded with flavor. Happy Pinching!