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Pecan Recipes Your Family Will Go Nuts For

Chocked Full of Pecan Pie

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert … it’s always pecan time. Not sure if it’s my Southern upbringing, but if I see pecans as an ingredient I have to try the recipe. These five Blue Ribbon pecan recipes are so good and a favorite of mine. I think you’ll go nuts for them too.

“If you are really in the mood to completely blow your diet (as I was last weekend), this is the way to do it,” says David Reeves (Collierville, TN) of his Orange French Toast With Pecan Sauce. “It has bright, citrus flavors mixed with caramel and bourbon.”

Oh my… It’s hard to put into words how delectable this french toast is. Imagine a fluffy orange french toast dripping with vanilla bourbon pecan syrup. Rich, buttery, aromatic, and sweet, one bite you’ve entered breakfast heaven. The pecan sauce adds a nice little crunch to each bite. It would be delicious over pancakes too!

I love Angela Derby’s (Charlotte, NC) fresh and fruity Spring Salad With Fruit, Feta, and Pecans. It’s beautiful, colorful and so yummy.

“Sometimes I just want a light and delicious salad with fruit and mixed greens,” explains Angela. “I love this one because it has feta and pecans, along with the fruit.”

The strawberries and mandarin oranges are just sweet enough to mix with the savory feta cheese. The nuttiness of the pecans is a great addition. What really brings this all together is the homemade raspberry vinaigrette. It’s the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness from the balsamic.

Kim Biegacki (Boardman, OH) had to create a recipe from mystery ingredients for her local farm fresh contest. So the components in her Nutty Crusted Salmon With Coconut Rum Sauce are unusual but, boy oh boy, do they work together.

This salmon is better than anything I’ve had at a restaurant. Sweet, savory, and crunchy my taste buds couldn’t get enough of the layers of flavors in this recipe. The salmon is crusted in buttery pretzels and pecans. It’s a delicious combination that would be delicious on chicken too.

“Chocolate and coffee go great together,” thinks Barbara Oseland (Two Harbors, MN). “Add a few nuts and you have a great bite-size piece of yumminess!”

This Chocolate Pecan Coffee Fudge is the easiest creamiest fudge I have ever made! Using espresso adds a richer flavor to the chocolate. Pecans and chocolate are a match made in heaven. The bits of crunch with the creamy fudge is so good. I’ll definitely be making this for gifts in the future. It’s so good.

I can’t talk about pecans without sharing a pecan pie recipe. Sherry Wilkins’ (Cabot, AR) Chocked Full of Pecan Pie is a great one.

“We love pecan pie but my husband complained that in most of the recipes I tried there was too much “goo” and not enough pecans,” shares Sherry. “So, I adapted this from other recipes I had tried.”

If you like your pecan pie heavy on the pecans, then this is for you. Full of crunchy pecans, with just enough filling to hold it together, this recipe has all the wonderful flavors you’d expect from a pecan pie. Plus, it’s really easy to make. This shouldn’t just be reserved for the holidays.

Whether you call them pee-cans or pe-cans, I think we can all agree they’re a delicious ingredient when cooking or baking. If you’ve tried one these pecan recipes and your family loved them, make sure to leave a review. Happy Pinching!