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Comfort Food Recipes That’ll Make Any Taste Bud Happy

Connie's Country Soup

Everyone has a different definition of comfort food. For some, a chicken pot pie gives them the warm and fuzzies. Or, maybe a tray of mac and cheese makes your heart happy. We all turn to comfort food for different reasons. The next time you have a craving and want to add them to your dinner menu, try one of these comforting dishes.

Homemade pizza is something I love to make. Patty Clare’s (Brownfield, TX) Spinach Alfredo Pizza is always popular. “This is an absolute hit at my house,” shares Patty. “My family loves CiCi’s, so I tried one of my own.”

This recipe is an Alfredo sauce fan’s dream! It works perfectly on the pizza but is so good that it would be great served over pasta as well – think creamed spinach meets pizza. Unusual and delicious.

Teresa Horn’s (Memphis, TN) Chicken Penne Pasta Casserole is really tasty and easy to throw together. It has a really great Italian flavor. “After doing some major hunting and gathering in the fridge and pantry, this little recipe was born,” explains Teresa.

The red onion gives things a little bit of a sweet flavor and mixes well with the ingredients. I was a little concerned about the amount of fresh mozzarella, but 1 1/2 pounds covers the dish perfectly making it good and gooey.

Another casserole I love is Victoria Russell’s (Blackwood, NJ) Homemade Chili Casserole. Chili meets a casserole in this easy dinner.

“I made this for my family one night and they loved it,” shared Victoria. “They wanted more!” It’s a great alternative to a regular bowl of chili. Topped with cornbread, this is winter comfort food all the way.

When the weather is cold, I want a hearty soup. Connie Brannen’s (Live Oak, FL) Country Soup is fantastic and satisfies the craving.

“I came up with this recipe yesterday as I had a lot of milk about to go sour on me and I like to put it to good use before that happens,” revealed Connie. There are so many delicious layers of flavor. From the saltiness of the bacon to the sweet flavor of the carrots, you cannot go wrong serving this soup for family and friends.

Christine Schnepp’s (Sarasota, FL) Bacon BBQ Grilled Cheese Sandwich isn’t an ordinary grilled cheese. If you love BBQ and bacon (and who doesn’t) you will love this sandwich. “This is one of my hunny’s favorites,” says Christine. “So simple and yummy.”

Who isn’t happy when eating a grilled cheese? The sweetness of the BBQ sauce and the savory bacon go really well together and smoked provolone is a great addition. This is a quick, easy and yummy lunch or dinner and a nice change from a plain grilled cheese. The whole crew couldn’t get enough of this!

These comfort food recipes are guaranteed to make everyone’s taste buds happy. What’s your favorite comfort food? Share below and Happy Pinching!