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Mom's Best Ever Brownies

I definitely inherited my sweet tooth from my mother. Growing up during the holiday's my mom would wow us with her desserts. Whenever I take a bite of chocolate cake or dive into a cobbler, I think of mom.

Mother's Day is this Sunday. I can't think of a better way to celebrate mom's and grandmother's than to share amazing dessert recipes passed down from them.

"My mom used to make the best brownies in Texas," exclaims Penny Jordan (Lubbock, TX). "Oh my gosh, they were sooo good!"

One bite of her Mom's Best Ever Brownies and I'm so happy Penny shared her mom's recipe. It reminds me of my grandmother's brownies. The buttermilk helps make these super moist. And that icing? Tops them off perfectly.

Have you ever tried a mayonnaise cake? I know, you're thinking mayo in a cake? But yes! It makes the cake moist and tender. And April Alvarez's (Brandon, FL) Grandma Baldwin's Mayonnaise Cake/Pudding Frosting recipe is a lovely example of a perfectly designed chocolate cake.

"My Grandmother Baldwin would make this every week and when I got old enough to ride my bike, I would ride from one side of San Diego to the other just to eat a piece," reminisces April. If you haven't tried a mayo cake before, definitely check out this recipe.

Another scrumptious recipe is Heidi Edwards (Longview, WA) My Grandma's Apple Strudel. "This is my grandma's recipe passed down," shares Heidi. "My father, before he passed away, would make this for me a lot! It bring's back a lot of memories to me and I wouldn't want to make it any other way."

I'm a fan of both the technique and flavor found in this goody. Back in the day, shortening was used in crusts and it creates a tender dough for this strudel. Paired with the cinnamon apples and the sweet icing, you taste the love in every bite. Brew up some coffee and enjoy!

"My Portuguese grandmother would make this wonderful Arroz Doce (Cinnamon Rice Pudding) as a special treat for me and my two brothers," says Genny Miller (Nampa, ID). "It was always so sweet, creamy, and out of this world!"

Genny's grandmother's rice pudding is so very creamy and flavorful. Packed with cinnamon, this is a quick and easy dessert for your family. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and there will be smiles all around the table.

"This is one of her cakes that has become a favorite of my family and friends as well," explains Carol Perricone's (Massapequa Park, NY) of her Mom's Sour Cream Coffee Cake recipe.

Honorary Kitchen Crew member Lora DiG (Staten Island, NY) tried Carol's recipe and became a huge fan. "This was fluffy, moist and very flavorful," thought Lora. "I learned the hard way that this recipe is very forgiving... But it still came out fantastic!"

Do you have any recipes that remind you of your mom or grandmother? Share them! I'm sure everyone would love to hear the story behind the recipe. Happy Mother's Day!

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Pat Duran - over a year ago
the best cake ever..mom's easy cake recipe
Original Miracle Whip Chocolate Cake
Melanie B - over a year ago
I need to make this one soon. I LOVE this cake.
Silver Cake MMB
Melanie B - over a year ago
This recipe came from my mom. Pumpkin Bread Mama's recipe
Pat Goff - over a year ago
My mother used to make the best Rhubarb cake when we lived in Minnesota because there was wild rhubarb every where. German's always use what they can find.