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Liven up Dinner with Untraditional Lasagna Recipes

Roasted Red Pepper & Spinach Lasagna

We all have our favorite lasagna recipe. Layers of noodles, ground beef, ooey gooey cheese… my taste buds are watering just thinking about it.

I love this comfort classic all year around, but sometimes I like to break with tradition. Where do I find recipe inspiration? From our fabulous home cooks, of course!

“This cheesy chicken lasagna is sure to please,” exclaims Jenni K. (Carlton, MN) about her 4 Cheese Chicken Lasagna. “[It’s] not the normal tomato sauce based lasagna.”

This is warm cheesy goodness! The flavors of the cheeses mixed with the fresh onion, garlic and bell pepper are perfect. And the cheese sauce is super creamy. A great alternative for someone who loves Italian food but doesn’t care for a red sauce.

Leslie Bernardi’s (Pascagoula, MS) Roasted Red Pepper & Spinach Lasagna is so rich and delicious, even a meat lover will love this meatless recipe. “It’s very cheesy and full of flavor,” explains Leslie. “My picky 11-year-old daughter even loved it!”

The spinach is great with the combination of cheeses and the roasted red pepper adds a nice crunch. Leslie’s recipe is easy to throw to together and the perfect dinner option for a meatless Monday or if you’re having a vegetarian guest. So tasty!

Another great vegetarian option is Andy Anderson’s (Wichita, KS) Zucchini Lasagna Sans Noodles. “This dish combined with a quick tomato sauce provides and excellent dinner for a nice cozy evening,” thinks Andy.

Guests are going to love this lasagna when you have them over for dinner. The key to the recipe is pre-baking the zucchini and making sure the excess liquid from the cottage cheese is really drained as Andy explains. The fabulous flavors in this recipe will have everyone asking for seconds!

To the opposite spectrum, if you have a meat lover in your house try making Diane Hopson Smith’s (Pine Mountain, GA) Sweet Italian Sausage Lasagna – Dee Dee’s. “Sweet Italian sausage lasagna with a buttered piece of french bread right out of the bread maker (still hot)… oh my was this good,” is how Diane described her meal when she prepared this recipe.

I’m not even sure where to begin describing this lasagna. The sweet Italian sausage adds so much flavor to the dish. We opted for ricotta cheese which made the filling very creamy. Diane’s homemade sauce is really what sets this apart, though. It’s worth taking the time to make. But, in a pinch, you could use your favorite jarred sauce. I guarantee guests will go back for seconds!

“This Skillet Lasagna is one of the most requested meals to make from my children and the most requested recipe asked to share with friends,” says Tammy T. (Phoenix, AZ). “I would rather have this than regular lasagna.”

So easy and quick to prepare, Tammy’s lasagna is perfect for a fast meal after a long work day. The lasagna is prepared in a large skillet which makes clean up a breeze. The noodles cook in the pan after being combined with ground beef, Italian sausage, a blend of cheese and other goodies. This one-pot meal is simple and delicious.

“My husband decided to cook tonight and made this Mexican lasagna,” shares Kellie S. (Burkburnett, TX). After one bite, I was happy Kellie shared the Yo Turkey! Notcho-O Lasagna recipe her hubby came up with. It’s definitely not traditional.

Even if you aren’t a fan of ground turkey you will like this. Between the taco seasoning, tomatoes with chiles and salsa, this has layers flavor. The crunchy tortilla chips on top are a nice touch. If cooking for a family, you will want to double this recipe. It’s delish!

I know everyone has their favorite go-to recipe, but if you’re feeling like you’re in a dinner rut, try one of these lasagna recipes. They definitely elevate the old dinnertime standard. Happy Pinching!