Ice Cream Drink Recipes

Bailey's Milkshake Recipe

Bailey's Milkshake

By Sandy Lowery
I'm hoping I get the measurements right. This is a recipe that I usually eyeball, so...

Best Vanilla Milkshake Recipe

Best Vanilla Milkshake

By Carol Shafer
My grandson Mason is all about vanilla ice cream or shakes. He thinks they are...

Candy Cane Punch Recipe

Candy Cane Punch

By Lynnda Cloutier
This berry red fruit punch makes a festive addition to any holiday table. Serve hot or...

Dom Pedro (drink) Recipe

Dom Pedro (drink)

By S I
A bartender friend of mine got me hooked on a liqueur from South Africa called, AMARULA...

Coconut Milk Shakes Recipe

Coconut Milk Shakes

By Opal Jackson-Cakmak
I have listed 4 recipes for Coconut Milk Shakes and Smoothies Enjoy The picture is of the...

R.I. Coffee Cabinet Recipe

R.I. Coffee Cabinet

By star pooley
One of my favorite beverages growing up! To Rhode Islanders, the blended mixture of coffee milk and...