Ice Cream Drink Recipes

Pineapple-orange Slush Recipe

Pineapple-Orange Slush

By Sandy Griffith
This is one of my son, Lee's favorite beverage. An Ice-cold & refreshing drink that will...

White House Egg Nog Recipe

White House Egg Nog

By Sharon Perez
This was published in our local newspaper reportedly it was a favorite in the Reagan years

Apricot Frothy Recipe

Apricot "Frothy"

By Christine Whisenhunt
Another recipe I came across while looking for some interesting drinks to make. I can't...

Pine-o-berry Party Punch Recipe

Pine-O-Berry Party Punch

By Christine Whisenhunt
Another great punch I found while searching for fun drinks. Had to share, of course! ...

Berry Sunrise Smoothie Recipe

Berry Sunrise Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
I just love smoothies and frozen drinks. Much healthier than a malt or ice cream...

Mocha Shake Recipe

Mocha Shake

By Zelda Hopkins
Now when I'm really feeling devilish I make this instead. The chocolate is to die for...

Soda Creams Recipe

Soda creams

By Candy Hummer
Ive also heard these called "soda milks" but I use cream and the kids just love...

Old Fashioned Malt Smoothies Recipe


By Teresa Howell
These Malts are Delicious and I make them every movie night and family and friends loves...