#Texas Toast Recipes

French onion soup topped with toasted sourdough bread with melted mozzarella cheese.

Slow Cooker French Onion Soup

I love French onion soup, but I don't love the traditional way of making it, ...

Easy Kentucky Hot Brown for Two

Did you know:This delicious sandwich originated at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky in 1926? ...

So, yummy

Texas Toast Open-Faced Steak/Pork Burger

Okay, here we go… freshly ground sirloin, mouthwatering smoked pulled-pork, yummy cheese and a secret ...

Honey Mustard Chicken Club / Cassies Way

This delicious sandwich is a definite crowd pleaser...It's a meal in itself...my family loves it... Enjoy!

homemade egg bread

Homemade Egg Bread for Texas Toast

Egg bread is very easy to make and is so good. This recipe ...