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Grahams Chocolate and Marshmallow

No Fire No Ants Smores

Tiffany Mattson avatar
By Tiffany Mattson
We Love smores But when it Rains in Florida and finally stops the fire ants ...
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S'mores Bars

Kelli Thomas avatar
By Kelli Thomas
These bars are yummy! So gooey and chocolatey! The perfect summertime treat. Who doesn't love ...
(2 ratings)

Better Than S'mores

Nancy Andersen avatar
By Nancy Andersen
These are quick and yummy.
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Movie Madness Munchies

Jackie Mento avatar
By Jackie Mento
You know when you go to the movies and you want to eat all that ...
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Just cant get enough

Frozen Coconut Smores

Christopher Hile avatar
By Christopher Hile
If you love coconut and you love sweet things then you really need to give ...
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Indoor Smores

Shelly Saxell avatar
By Shelly Saxell
This recipe is a take on Rice Krispy Treats. My kids loved making Smores ...
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Yummy cupcake Smores!!!!!

Cupcake Smores

Denise LaRoche avatar
By Denise LaRoche
Cupcakes are all fun. Smore Cupcakes are easy to make if you use a ...
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S'mores Cookies

Megan Stephens avatar
By Megan Stephens
Quick & Delicious. Joins the delicious taste of chocolate chip cookies with the ooey gooey ...
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S'more Blonde Brownies

Karen Thurston-Stephens avatar
By Karen Thurston-Stephens
If you love S'mores than this is the recipe for you but without the campfire.
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Easy S'more Cookie Bars

Chris T. avatar
By Chris T.
These are so fast and easy to make, and SO GOOD!
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S'more Brownies. . . . Please!

Jill Hanses avatar
By Jill Hanses
Original recipe from Kraft, with a little bit of tweaking by me!
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Campfire S'more Cupcakes

Carrie Brannon avatar
By Carrie Brannon
The cute fall cupcakes are perfect for those days where it is your turn to ...
(3 ratings)

Smores Bars

Annamaria Settanni McDonald avatar
By Annamaria Settanni McDonald
My daughter loves her occasional afternoon snack of smores. I make them in the ...
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