#mimosa Recipes

Perfect Cocktail for a warm summer eve

Champagne Margarita

This is kind of like a mimosa with a Mexican kick! Salud!

A Fun wayTo Do Mimosas!

Sunday brunch,has been around for decades and of course, the staple beverage of brunch has ...

Blueberry Mimosa 

Blueberry Mimosa

So I decided upon blueberries – to be different. (You can use frozen berries ...

Hibiscus Sparkler

Mimosa goes to the tropics! Perfect brunch companion.

Winter Mimosa

I just love making festive drinks for my parties and this one I served up ...

Deviled Eggs - Oeufs Mimosa

I love deviled eggs! They are tasty, simple, pretty and great for parties.

Valley Green's Delicious Deviled Eggs

We always recommend using farm fresh eggs whenever you can (check your local farmer's market). ...