#Family Meal Recipes

Lasagna noodles, ground beef, ground Italian sausage, tomato sauce, cottage cheese, two cheeses, spices.

Lasagna Perfection

I have made a lot of different lasagna. Always trying to make the best ...

Yum!! 12/2015

My Semi Homemade Meaty Spaghetti Sauce

Everyone loves this spaghetti! I don't let them know my secret...Ragu. I have made spaghetti ...

Chili mac is a quick and hearty one-dish meal of beef, beans, tomatoes, cheese and spices. For extra flavor, add a generous teaspoon of Italian seasoning and some salt and pepper.

Chili Mac

Easy Meal Idea For Any Family. "This is our family's go-to dinner when time is short. ...

Ground Beef comes alive in this wonderful budget friendly recipe that is ready and on the table in minutes.

Weeknight Salisbury Steak

Sometimes money is tight but this is a quick and low budget recipe anyone can ...