#chamoru Recipes

Shrimp Kådu

Shrimp Kådu

My favorite Chamorro dish. I like it with red rice.

Aga' and Månhå pancakes.  Perfect for Sunday morning.

Aga' and Månhå Pancakes (

A Sunday morning favorite in my house. If Aga' is not in season, you ...

This should be placed at the front of the table, near the red rice.  Starches in the front, salads and side dishes, then kåtne. :) Photo from Pale Eric's blog.

Gollai Åppan Lemmai

My son likes this. He's my lemmai baby. It's about as Chamorro a recipe ...

Potato salad on the side.  (Served beside a hamburger is probably not a very Chamorro way to see it displayed, but my nephew had a hamburger when I took the picture!)

Guam Potato Salad

This is the basic potato salad recipe you see at every Chamorro gathering or the ...