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Loaves of Simple Sweet Challah Bread.

Simple Sweet Challah Bread

Ashley Burnam avatar
By Ashley Burnam
I love challah. I was raised Jewish and crave this bread all the time. The ...
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Challah bread loaf cut in half.


Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
Soft, moist and absolutely delicious, this is a great recipe to make! It's beautiful and ...
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Braided Egg Bread (challah)

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
Did you know Challah is a very special bread? Used in Jewish cuisine, it is ...

Abby's Challah

Liz Soldwish-Zoole avatar
By Liz Soldwish-Zoole
I like a sweet, dense, rich challah - this is a combination of several different ...
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Grandma Rosie's Challah

Melody U. avatar
By Melody U.
I found this recipe a few years back and I make it at least once ...

Challah Braid

Paula Todora avatar
By Paula Todora
Nothing makes your house smell so good as freshly baking bread, and this eggy bread ...
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Pumpkin Challah

Jessica Dayon avatar
By Jessica Dayon
This year the pumpkins that I planted in my garden really took off. So, ...
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My First Challah Bread

Challah Bread

Robin Dixon avatar
By Robin Dixon
I ate the first loaf with coffee in the morning and the second loaf I ...
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Amish Egg Bread

Susan Feliciano avatar
By Susan Feliciano
This recipe is loosely based on Challah bread. I call it Amish because of the ...
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Challah Bread

Gabrielita Carchi avatar
By Gabrielita Carchi
This bread is a hit at my home. It comes out so beautifully that you ...
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Happy Accident Challah decorated with alternating toasted sesame, black sesame & kosher salt.

Happy Accident Challah

Heidi Hoerman avatar
By Heidi Hoerman
This so-good-we-inhaled-it bread was made with the "wrong flour" -- or at least not the ...
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Chocolate Bread Pudding

Kim Biegacki avatar
By Kim Biegacki
This was my first time making a bread pudding and it only seemed right that ...
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