Hazelnut Biscuits (crackers)

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By Stormy Stewart
from Mio, MI

MY thought is these originated in England as they are the ones who usually call crackers "Biscuits"

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How To Make

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    half pound hazelnuts, two ounces each of powdered sugar and unbleached or whole wheat flour, three eggs, juice of one lemon, rind of one lemon, one teaspoon honey.
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    Grind the hazelnuts to a fine four in a blender, food processor, or clean coffee mill. Combine with the sugar, mixing well until a paste is formed. Then stir in the flour, again mixing very well. Beat the eggs; add lemon juice and rind, then beat the honey into the mixture. Fold all ingredients together into one solid mass. Take teaspoon quantities of the mixture and drop onto a baking sheet greased with butter. or Roll out and cut into a cracker shape Bake in a slow oven (350 degreesF) until the biscuits are hard and crisp.