Faerie doors

Stormy Stewart


These are easy to make and take only a few minutes. You can use these inside your house as well as outside on trees near your faery garden.

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30 Min
25 Min
No-Cook or Other


1 pkg
brown polimer clay (you should buy the bigger bag- trust me you will get hooked and friends will want them).
1 pkg
small black polimer clay.
1 pkg
heart toggle set (i got these at walmart in the jewery making section. they come 5 per set for $1.99. mine were #71551-00.
each cuticle stick and tooth pick for detailing
wire, thread or string . (a bread tie works great for this.)
1 can(s)
spray varnish if used inside or weather proof varnish for outside use.


1take a small handfull of clay about 1/3 cup and roll flat between two pieces of plastic wrap.(I found that the plastic food bagsare better for this as they don't bunch up. use two one on each side)
2Once they are about 1/3 to 1/4 inch thick and between 4-5 inches long, then take off the top layer and carve a rounded top of the door,
3Straighten out the bottom and sides by cutting off excess.
4Take a small slice off the black polimer clay and slive four pieces about twice the size of a pencil lead and as long as the clay is wide.

Put three on as binders to hold the door on
5Roll the forth one into a door knob, and put on place by pushing down on it to secure
6Now that the hard ware is in place use the cuticle stick to make lines in the door like a tree. then put scratchsand nicks in it to make it look like a wood door.
7using a tooth pick push a hole through the place where you want the knocker to go.

Now you can either use the other piece of the toggle as a door knob turn like in the picture above or not like the picture below. If you use it install it now by pushing the heart part into the black knob.
8Let dry

Then fire as directions call for in oven.
9Spray or varnish being careful not to close off the hole for the knocker. You can insure this by leaving the tooth pick in while firing and varnishing. But keep turning it.
10Take some wire or string and attach the knocker through the whole and secure on the other side with knots.
11Secure to your tree or house by either glueing, attaching to a stick that you put into the ground, or using leather straps where you put the black polimer.

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