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By Stormy Stewart
from Mio, MI

Stop the red bulls and monsters. Those thing will kill you. Instead try a more natural approach Lemon Essential oil.

prep time 5 Min
method No-Cook or Other


  • lemon essentail oil

How To Make

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    Here is six different ways to defuse it into the air. 1. Drop 1-5 drops onto a lit light bulb and remain in the room. 2. Put 1-8 drops on a cotton ball and place on a radiator pipe that is in use. 3. Put 5 drops in a humidifier 4. Put 10 drops in boiling water and close the room you are in so the scent stays in the room and breath in. 5. Put 15 drops in a 1 cup sprayer with water and spray room whenever you need a lift. 6 Put a cotton ball with 3-4 drops in one of the heat vents of your car. Just push up between one of the flaps leaving it 1/2 out or if you have a dried up car tree just put it on there.
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    The added benefits beside that revitalized feeling , it cleans the air of cigarette smoke or other odors and it helps stop the flu virus.