I Went To A Garden Party...

Colleen Sowa


I Went To A Garden Party!

This is a bit of a guide to having a garden party at a park or a back yard party, inexpensive table decorations. You can go fancy or just fun!

The photos are examples of what you can do for outdoor parties, no table cloths, plastic table cloths, or white linen table cloths.

The decorations are awesome!

We get raffle tickets at the dollar store, hand all attendees one ticket. After the meal, and before the clean up, we do the raffle (that way we don't have to haul things away or store them!).

Play with where you eat!

Play With Your Food ! xo


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1 - 200
6 Hr 45 Min
No-Cook or Other



  • ·
    paints and brushes
  • ·
    garden pots
  • ·
    packets of seeds
  • ·
    picnic tables
  • ·
    party or coctail tables
  • ·
    shelter, tent, garden park back yard
  • ·
    children to paint

  • ·
    canning jars
  • ·
    fruits and vegetables
  • ·
  • ·
  • ·
    twine, rope, ribbons

  • ·
    white linen table cloths for fancier parties
  • ·
    colored plastic table cloths for more informal parties

  • ·
    decorations of any kind you like
  • ·
    canning jars of home canned recipes
  • ·
    raffle tickes from dollar store

How to Make I Went To A Garden Party...


  1. Paint picnic table a solid color.

    Get kids and painting supplies.... a little direction... and let them have fun painting the pots and after that the table!
  2. Make sure the kids are wearing clothes you don't care about... Just let them have fun!

    This photo won a contest! I love it! ox
  3. The children did a great job painting these pots!

    After the pots are totally dry... fill them with packets of seeds... instant table decoration!
  4. Red, yellow and orange mini bell peppers, water, canning jar, and flowers.
  5. Red, yellow and orange mini bell peppers, water, canning jar, and flowers.
  6. Broccoli, green beans, carrots, tomatoes... canning jar and flowers
  7. A linen tablecloth on a picnic table really looks elegant and "down home" at the same time. The veggie "vases" are perfect!
  8. In this party tent we have "cocktail" tables with white linen cloths and our canning jar vases... Awesome!
  9. Dollar store placemats and scarecrows along with some of my home canned goodies!
  10. Another version.
  11. Another version.... and we use raffle tickets to give each item a new home...

    (Less clean up, hauling and storing !) Everyone wins! xo
  12. One of our "decorations" was a wheelbarrow full of watermelons we grew... The kids were having so much fun... they love watermelons! We raffled the melons off as prizes too!
  13. We used plastic tablecloths with our inexpensive decorations/raffle prizes. Fun!
  14. Carrots in canning jars, water and flowers!
  15. We did some jars with grape tomatoes, some with cherry tomatoes. The combination of the two works too.
  16. A combination of veggies, water and flowers in canning jar... The addition of the twine rope really looks great!
  17. This jar has radishes with the greens attached... love this!
  18. My friend Tyrone and I taking a short break before everyone arrives...
  19. Little squash and purple pole beans!
  20. This is our yearly Harvest Pot Luck Dinner... with many "garden inspired recipes" (even the desserts).

    This is a free event to show appreciation to all who volunteer and come to the garden.
  21. "Taste of the Garden" event.

    This is a fund raising event, silent auction, wine tasting, local chefs and their "garden inspired" appetizers.

    Tickets are sold in advance of the event.
  22. Dan Dan the Piano Man with his keyboard and some of the children joining in!
  23. This is Melissa the Garden Fairy... she read stories with the kids, did gardening, and they painted the pots and tables!
  24. Green Eggs and Ham deviled eggs...
  25. .
  26. .
  27. .
  28. .
  29. .

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