Fireman Bob's New Focus ... Watch and Be Amazed...

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By Bob Cooney
from Cottonwood Heights, UT

Have You ever heard of a " Healthy " Fireman ? It is my new challenge to " create " healthy and good for you foods for your entire family and still have the " Taste " that you expect from the kitchen ! My Goal also is to create 50 of the most informative and great tasting recipes as soon as I can so I can " build " a new Cookbook ! Please offer any advice that You feel needs to be shared.... This is going to be for everyone so we cam all live a long and healthy life... Sincerely, The " NEW Fireman Bob :)

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    of crazy new and vibrant recipes filled with love
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    fresh and healthy food for your tables
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    of love from the fireman for you

How To Make

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    A Whole New Direction Being Posted For You and Your Health
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    Are You Ready For Bright New and Fresh Foods Cooked Right ?
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    Sit back and Enjoy, as You and Your Family are Transported to a Whole New Life Style !!!