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Pucker Up for Delicious Lemon Dessert Recipes

Easy Crescent Dough Lemon Bars

My husband and I recently went to a friend's house for dinner and I was asked to bring something. I immediately thought of making something with lemons because I know she loves anything lemon. With it's fresh and tart flavor, nothing puts a pucker on my face or makes my heart smile more than a lemon dessert.

Ann McCue (Side Lake, MN) set a high expectation for her Melt in Your Mouth Lemon Bars so I was intrigued to try them. "Lemon lover or not, these bars are so melt in your mouth you'll want to eat the whole pan," joked Ann.

And she's right... they're good. They turned out every bit as yummy as Ann said! Perfectly sweet and tart, these creamy bars are perfect for dessert, with afternoon tea, as a midnight snack, or even for breakfast as a treat.

If you're looking for a super simple lemon bar recipe (only five ingredients!), try Amber Moon's Easy Crescent Dough Lemon Bars. "My mom now requires me to make these for her birthday while the kids ask for them all the time," shares Amber. "Use more butter if you want a richer baked good, or less if you want it more bread-like."

Gosh, these couldn't be any easier to whip up. The layers of lemon curd, butter, and crescent dough create a creamy filling. Sprinkling powdered sugar on top and then baking makes the perfect crunchy sugar topping. So good!

"Experimenting in the kitchen, I came up with this special cake recipe and frosting," explains Jan Knowles's (Grand Saline, TX). "My friends are begging me to make this Luscious Lemonade Cake for their get-togethers and birthdays."

This will be perfect at your next picnic or family reunion. Adding yogurt to a boxed lemon cake mix adds a ton of moisture to the cake and makes preparation a breeze. Jan puts lemon juice in her frosting which lends lemon flavor to every bite. A lemon lover's dream recipe!

Teresa G.'s Creamy Lemon Cheesecake has such an intense lemon flavor and it's fabulous! "This is the creamiest, most delicious lemon cheesecake," promises Teresa. "Everyone who has tasted it has loved it."

You can add me to that list! I'd never added cream to a cheesecake filling, but I may from now on. I think it brought extra creaminess to the recipe. I loved the extra pop of flavor in this great lemon cheesecake from the homemade lemon curd on top. It's so good!

"This is a recipe that came about because of my love of all things lemon," explains Mary Nell Forester (Billings, MO) about how she came up with her Lemony Doodles. "My kids and grandkids love snickerdoodles. One night I was playing around and thought I want to make a lemon cookie but couldn't find a recipe that I liked so I decided that I would experiment."

Mary Nell's experiment was a success! I just couldn't walk away from this plate of cookies. Lightly sweet and lightly lemony, these delicate cookies really hit the spot. I recommend serving these delicious treats ANY time of the day.

While I could start every day with Sylvia Waldsmith's (Gautier, MS) Lemon Breakfast Cake, I'd say this isn't just for breakfast. "This cake is a moist, delicious cake that gets rave reviews everywhere I take it," says Sylvia. What makes it so moist is the ricotta and pudding mix that's added to a basic lemon cake mix. Easy and delicious this cake is lemon-y goodness.

If you love lemon, I highly suggest trying one of these exquisite lemon dessert recipes. Happy Pinching!

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