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Friends, Friday Night and One Amazing Dinner

Fort Worth Fish Tacos

This Friday, a few couples are coming to my house for dinner. I haven't seen some of them in a while and I want to make something special. But what to serve? As I'm planning my menu, I realize we're all fans of seafood. So I decide to go with that. Now... which recipe?

For any seafood lover, Daune Browne's New England Bouillabaisse is a dream recipe. We used a combo of shrimp, scallops and lobster when tasting this dish. The result was a scrumptiously savory soup fit for a feast. "Serve [this] in heated bowls with crusty French bread," suggests Daune. The French bread is a must to soak up all that fantastic broth. Delish!

If you're a fan of fish tacos, then you're going to be a fan of Paula Todora's Fort Worth Fish Tacos. "I make mine with freshly-caught fish that my husband brings home," shares Paula. "Tilapia or a similar mild fish of choice will do in this recipe." If fresh fish isn't available, frozen will work too. The batter for the fish is great. And, the cilantro cream sauce on top is terrific. Each bite is delightful!

Ashley Burnam's Seared Ahi Over Asian Green Beans and Carrots is just plain perfect. "This is one of my favorites for a date night type dinner," says Ashley. "It doesn't take terribly long and it looks really pretty when it's plated." The veggies are absolutely delicious and complement the ahi wonderfully. I guarantee that your guests will be super impressed with your cooking skills when they see this dinner.

Is salmon your favorite fish? Well, the salmon in Kim Biegacki's Nutty Crusted Salmon with Coconut Rum Sauce is better than I've ever had at a restaurant. Sweet, savory and crunchy, my taste buds couldn't get enough of this! There are so many layers of flavor in this dish... and I loved each one!

Andy Anderson's Baked Sea Scallops is an easy way to cook scallops... and makes a great dinner. If scallops are overcooked, they can be a bit tough. I know sometimes I'm a bit nervous cooking scallops for guests. But not after trying Andy's recipe! "This recipe is surprisingly easy to put together, and if you want that added touch check out my Heart's of Palm sauce," explains Andy. I suggest making the sauce. Drizzled over the baked sea scallops, it complements the dinner perfectly.

If you're looking for something indulgent, try Michelle DeRaps' Lobster Ravioli. From the filling to the sauce, this is one delicious recipe. One bite of these ravioli and they'll know how much you love them!

I'm still not absolutely sure what I'm going to make. But, since all these are all Blue Ribbon recipes, I know everyone will enjoy it. Do you have a favorite seafood recipe? Make sure to share... I'd love to know!

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Elaine Bovender - Mar 2, 2015
Being from a coastal area, we love our calabash style seafood. We frequently have friends over for just a plain old fish fry. I like to serve my southern style hush puppies, slaw, and of course, the main dish that they came over for in the first place. Simple but delicious! :) Southern Style Golden Fried Fish
Marion Dyess - Feb 25, 2015
Hi Janet
What a compendium of recipes. I haven't posted this yet but I love linguine with clam sauce ! I buy little neck clams and sauté fresh herbs, e.g. Rosemary, Sage, thyme , lots of fresh chopped garlic and my little twist is to use chicken broth to steam the clams. I sauté garlic m herbs in butter,olive oil and white wine, I also keep a little of the starchy pasta water to get my cooked pasta and clam sauce to steam and thicken until steamy. For the people don't like seafood, just posted a Pomodoro sauce can be made very short period of time as a side or a meal
Margie Beguin - Feb 24, 2015
My husband hates any kind of seafood....I wouldn't dare serve this dish not knowing that all of my guests actually like seafood.
Cassie * - Feb 24, 2015
This is a delicious shrimp recipe, and one of my favorites.

Best Darn Parm Shrimp - Cassie
T G - Feb 24, 2015
My favorite seafood is sea scallops. Here's my recipe. PAN-SEARED SEA SCALLOPS in Herb Butter Wine Sauce