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Cobbler Me Crazy, An Easy Dessert Idea

Mango Cobbler

When I'm making desserts for a family party or holiday, I usually whip up a cobbler. Maybe it's the Southern girl in me, but I love cobbler.

There are many variations ... blueberry, apple, peach, cherry, even chocolate. What makes it such a great dessert is there are very few ingredients- most you probably have in your pantry! Add those to whatever fruit is in season, and you have one easy dessert.

Jackie Garvin's Blackberry Cobbler recipe has such a lovely story behind it (you know how I love an heirloom recipe). "I spent a lot of time during the summer with my grandparents," says Jackie. "Summer in the South means insufferable heat, but it also means blackberries." The Crew and I took a chance and tried this blackberry cobbler at our local Blackberry Music Festival. It was a big hit! I bet it will be a hit in your house too.

With just the right amount of sweetness Lucy Apostol's Mango Cobbler is a real treat! We opted to simmer fresh mangoes to make our own juice and the results were terrific. The juice caramelizes atop the cobbler while it bakes, making the top crispy... and absolutely divine. "This recipe is one of the most requested desserts in the family," says Lucy.

I made Erin Latch'sChocolate Cobbler for friends one weekend - they made me share the recipe. "This recipe is great anytime," says Erin. "I take it to family dinners and I fix it in the morning to take to work for breakfast." Can you really make this in the morning? Absolutely! It's a snap to make and even easier to eat. You get all the gooey deliciousness of a molten cake without all the fuss ... now THAT'S sweet!

Jumbleberry Cobbler? This piqued my interest ... and once I made this no one could stop eating it! "This is a recipe I created by taking the filling from one recipe and the crust from another," says Judy Garcia. What a tasty cobbler! The combination of berries was lovely. The great thing about this recipe is you can easily use frozen berries if making this when they aren't in season.

Tammy Stephens'Triple Berry Cheesecake Cobbler puts a twist on the traditional cobbler by adding cheesecake. "My family loves cheesecake and cobbler," says Tammy. "So I made this recipe to satisfy all their cravings." This treat is so sweet, so fresh and so wonderful! How can you go wrong by adding cheesecake to anything?

I really think cobblers aren't given enough credit. Make one and you have your dessert completed in no time. You can customize it based on what you like no problem. And, frozen fruits can work too. So, gather your taste buds and see what cobbler you can whip up!

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Katrina Freed - Apr 14, 2014
One question I have is just how many recipes are on this site? We all put up new ones on a regular basis. Some of my friends here have hundreds! I have about 70. Does JAP have a way to keep track of the total? How many are there? We all want our recipes recognized and we all appreciate blue ribbons but I wonder with all these recipes how everyone will EVER get recognized!? HOW MANY ARE THERE?
Kitchen Crew - Apr 14, 2014
@Mary Anne ... if you ever have any questions, feel free to email help@justapinch.com. One of the ladies in the Kitchen Crew will be more than happy to explain anything. And, we have a Help/F.A.Q. link at the bottom of the page that has a TON of information about the site! Suzie
Millie Johnson - Apr 11, 2014
They do need to have a new members help tab above, to show new members how to use the site to it's full potential. It took me a while to learn to navigate.
The notifications from groups are from the groups you have joined and they are alerting you to new discussions posted to the group.
The notifications above that are recipes posted from people you are following and the other is posts from discussions you have posted in. I advise clicking on the group ones first because if you go to the new comments, you will clear the group notifications. I know it sounds a little confusing, but you will get the hand of it.
Yes, the Kitchen Crew tests recipes that catch their eye and if worthy, award blue ribbons.
Mary Anne Looby - Apr 11, 2014
Hi, I do not know if this is the proper place to put this, but here goes. I have been a member on this site for a while but I don't really get it. I know people post recipes, and other people comment on them. I guess some people try them and them comment, and then some people just pinch them I guess to try later. But what about you guys. You are the "crew". I see that some people get blue ribbons. I assume they are from you. That would mean that you have tried the recipe and liked it well enough to give it a blue ribbon. How does that happen? Also, I keep getting messages that I have all these new notifications in my drawer but I do not know what that means. I really need some guidance here if I am going to get the full experience from the site. Thanks, any help would be appreciated.
Melanie B - Apr 11, 2014
Here is my cobbler recipe. I got it from my ex- MIL. She has been making it for decades. You can use almost any type of fruit. Just read the directions for fresh, canned or even pie filling. Fruit Cobbler
Millie Johnson - Apr 10, 2014
It's a cousin, for sure Katrina, lol. Both are yummy !
Katrina Freed - Apr 10, 2014
Would Apple Crisp fall into that category?

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Millie Johnson - Apr 9, 2014
Erin's was the first chocolate cobbler I ever had and is delicious ! It inspired me to make Ultimate Chocolate Cobbler, Millie's . I'm a chocoholic so adding extra chocolate was a gimme, lol !
DEB BURKETT - Apr 9, 2014
anyone ever make a cobbler using plums? would love the recipe.
heather hansen - Apr 9, 2014
My favorite is peach cobbler. If made I will eat it for breakfast the next morning too!!
Paula Todora - Apr 9, 2014
I love cobblers and will be trying some of these recipes soon. I just used up some strawberries I had on hand to make this easy cobbler: Strawberry Cobbler
jane hutchinson - Apr 8, 2014
So where is the recipe????
Lisa Langston - Apr 8, 2014
Cobblers are not given enough credit, I agree! I never get tired of them!