The Pampered Pooch

The Pampered Pooch
Created October 2011

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart @karlyn255
He woke hours before the woman did, as he has since he moved in. He relished the times she was asleep and he could just stare at her with out her knowing. He had memorized her curves of her face, her smile, her voice. Those were all great features but he most of all he loved her smell. The smell of her hair, like fresh falling rain with a mix of spring flowers. She was like no other he had ever met. A smile comes to his face as he sits on the floor beside the bed. Putting his face almost next to hers. He loves to hear her breath. As he smells her hair again he thinks of a time before her.It was 5 years ago. He was on the wrong path in life. Jailed, Truly though he was over for him, but then she passed by. It took him multiple tries to get her attention. But once he did, they were inseparable. He can't figure how she got him released but he went with her willingly. And although it was hard at first, being the bad boy that he was, he followed her rules. Looking back, they were good rules. He never regretted that day or the life they built together. It hasn't been easy, sometimes he has had to fight for her. Others have wanted her, but he always got her in the end.He could see her stirring. A part of him was excited to spend time with her, while another part wanted this moment in time to never end. Almost eye to eye, he could see her open her and pretend to still be asleep. It was a game they played each morning that she caught him looking at her. She played asleep and he would move her pillow just a little. Just enough to make her pretending a little harder. Back and forth they went until the pillow was almost out from under her head. Then and only then, he would kiss her good morning on her nose. She would give him that smile and kiss his nose. It always tickled and he would lean back just a little. He knew what was coming. She sat up and took him in her arms and whispered," I love you Lu. You have no idea how much. I know it hasn't been easy for us. But your always there for me. I wish I spoke your language. But I think you understand my meaning. We have come so far."Lu watches her walk way and wonders if she realizes how much she means to him. She is his life, his love his friend. They will be together until their death. There will be no other for him, ever. He worships the ground she walks on, the bed she sleeps on and the air she breaths. He would gladly give up his life for her. For with out her he is nothing. A shell with out prupose. They love is eternal.he will die loving her no matter what she does.As she gets up she thinks to herself and giggles, "So what language do Siberian huskies speak anyway."

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Stormy Stewart - Nov 21, 2011
Thank you Robyn
Robyn Bruce - Nov 20, 2011
I downloaded your book to print out. Really nice job.
Stormy Stewart - Oct 31, 2011
Thank you both.
Karla Everett - Oct 30, 2011
Stormy another really nice book. :D
Penny Hall - Oct 30, 2011
Great book Stormy!