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Celebrating Recipes From Mom

Celebrating Recipes From Mom

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I can’t think of a better way to honor all the moms out there than by making one of their time-honored recipes. So this week, I’m celebrating recipes from Mom.

“Growing up as a kid through adulthood, Mom would make this recipe,” explains Lynda Loose (Rockledge, FL). “She would call and invite us over because she was making Creole. That is all she would have to say.”

I knew Lynda’s Mom’s Shrimp Creole recipe would be delicious because it starts with baking drippings. It’s a hearty meal full of sweet shrimp and fresh veggies. Okra, onion, celery, and tomato are the base for this dish, and it’s a marriage made in heaven.

“This recipe comes from my mom, and she was the best cook,” shares Lin Kev (Wethersfield, CT). “She used to make this dish for Sunday dinner a lot. Although she is no longer with us, I still make it. My kids love it when I make the ziti, and so does my husband – and he’s Irish.”

Lin’s Mamma Maria’s Baked Ziti, Pasta Al Forno is a great dinner if you’re serving a crowd.

The homemade sauce does not have the typical seasoning you expect in an Italian dish. When combined with the savory cheese, the sweet sauce is a perfect combination.

Compared to the pasta, there isn’t a lot of meat in this recipe. The pasta is the real star. As you pull a slice from the baking dish prepare for maximum cheese pull.

While Janice Bartholome’s (Port Hueneme, CA) Mom’s Icebox Rolls are baking, your mouth will be watering.

“My mother made these wonderful yeast rolls for every occasion – sometimes Sunday dinner was all the occasion she needed,” remembers Janice. “They really are easy to make (easier than they sound!).”

Hot out of the oven with melted butter, these will be a hit with your friends and family.

I love Janice’s option to make the dough ahead of time and bake them when ready. It’s always nice to save a bit of time when preparing dinner. These are wonderfully delicious!

“When I was young, my mother owned a restaurant, and this was one of the delicious pies we served,” says Karen Taylor (New Castle, KY).

One bite of Karen’s Butterscotch Pie, and I could see why this pie was popular at her restaurant.

It’s creamy and smooth with a slight butterscotch flavor. The filling isn’t too sweet which I enjoyed. The meringue adds a nice airy texture to each bite.

Lisa Moore’s (Chesterfield, VA) Mom’s Homemade Banana Pudding is one of those old-fashioned banana pudding recipes that our elder relatives would have made for Sunday dinner.

“My mother always made the best cakes, pies, and puddings, among other things,” thinks Lisa. “I have to say that her banana pudding was always one of the desserts her kids asked for the most. I sure do miss the smell of her kitchen!”

This banana pudding is a bit different and a tad more time-consuming than modern-day recipes, but worth every stir of the whisk.

The homemade custard is thick, rich, and creamy. On top is a fluffy meringue for a bit of sweetness. Together, with the pop of banana in every bite, the flavors are yummy and comforting.

I love when members share recipes from their moms and grandmas. There’s something about an old-fashioned recipe and the stories behind them, where you can taste the love in every word. Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Pinching!

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