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Chili Recipes You Need for Game Day

Chili Recipes You Need for Game Day

Next to Thanksgiving and Christmas, we’re heading into one of the best eating times of the year… weekends of watching playoff football that culminates in the big game. At some point, chili is on my menu. If it’s just my family and me, it’s a cozy meal. Recipes can easily be doubled if I’m hosting a party and serving a crowd. Here are some Blue Ribbon chili recipes you need for game day.

“My husband and I have argued for years which chili recipe is the best, his or mine,” revealed Leah O’Connell (Erie, PA). “We have come up with a wonderful, scrumptious, and amazingly tantalizing chili compromise!” The result is her Hunter’s Sweet ‘N Spicy Chili recipe.

This venison chili is a great recipe for someone new to cooking venison. Using beef with venison subdues the stronger flavor some people find in venison.

The combination of savory and sweet with a punch of spice makes this the perfect chili. I love the bits of sweetness that corn and BBQ sauce add.

Leah gave a bonus recipe and suggests serving extra chili over bowtie pasta. I tried it, and it’s delicious! A great way to reinvent leftovers.

“This recipe started as a five ingredient Crock Pot dish,” shares home cook Kristin Pitts (Fort Bragg, NC). “It has evolved over the years and has become a staple meal in our house.”

Throw everything into a slow cooker recipes are always a favorite of mine, and Krissy’s Taco Chili Supreme is no exception.

This taco-inspired chili has a delicious Southwestern flair. Substituting ground turkey for beef lightens up the meal.

Kristin suggests serving this with tortilla chips. I did, and it makes this more like a cowboy salsa. Top with a sprinkle of cheese and a dollop of sour cream for a great bowl of chili.

On Just A Pinch, we love when members share their old family recipes. Cindy Eggleston’s (Yuba City, CA) Tipsy Beef Chili is one of those recipes.

“Each time one of us added a little something different,” reveals Cindy. “My husband suggested the beer, and it just seemed to add that little extra kick, along with the tequila, of course.”

This chili is different from any other chili I’ve made, and it’s not because of the beer and tequila.

Although those are unique ingredients, the meat used in this chili is different and wonderful. Italian sausage and the big chunks of roast cook to tender perfection and soak in all the seasoning and spices.

I also like the mix of meat in Kim Crain’s Zesty Chili.

“Every cook has a special version of chili – here’s mine,” writes Kim. “It’s meaty and nicely spiced with just the right amount of beans. I love how the beans absorb the spices and rich tomato sauce.”

The combination of beef and Italian sausage plus beans make this hearty. Adding lime juice and honey sweetens the flavor making for a milder chili.

“My personal recipe for spicy chili beans won a ‘Chili Cook-Off’ at a Super Bowl party,” says Joyce Newman (Pollock Pines, CA). “There were 10 Crock Pots full of chili in the cook-off. Mine took first place!”

Joyce’s Super Bowl Award Winning Chili Beans is packed with flavor, meat, and beans. Serve the piping hot chili with a piece of buttery sweet cornbread and the flavor contrasts are fantastic.

Now, this does take a little babysitting while it simmers on the stove, but Joyce also gives a slow cooker option that allows the flavors to mingle and doesn’t require watching.

For me, game day isn’t complete without a delicious big bowl of chili. None of these chili recipes tickle your taste buds? Then take a look at our chili recipe collection. Many of our home cooks have shared their recipes and they’re quite tasty. Happy Pinching!