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Desserts To Bake This October

Slicing cheese and chocolate tunnel cake

Fruity, chocolate, cakes, cookies … my taste buds don’t judge when it comes to dessert. A whole month dedicated? Well, that’s heavenly! Turns out October is National Dessert Month. To celebrate, I have to get into the kitchen and get baking.

It’s fall, which means apple season. A bite of Barbara Eaton’s (Watertown, NY) Back in Time Baked Apples With Vanilla Sauce really did take me back in time.

“Do you remember the Woolworth’s lunch counter and their delicious baked apples with vanilla sauce,” asks Barbara. “If so, you really need to try this recipe. It will transport you back many years.”

The crust Barbara recommends is light and delicate with a warm cinnamon-filled baked apple inside. What really makes this recipe special is the vanilla sauce. I would take Barbara’s advice and double the recipe for the sauce. It’s thick, creamy and a great complement to the simple dumpling.

Hazelnut spread and fudgy brownies are a match made in heaven. That’s why I’m a fan of Jennifer Segreti’s (Venice, FL) Nutella Brownies.

“I love Nutella spread… with a passion,” reveals Jennifer. “These brownies are an awesome way to use it!”

The brownie forms a nice sugary crust on the outside, but inside stays warm and gooey. I bake these as Jennifer recommended and the outcome is a deliciously fudgy brownie. But if you want them more cake-like, add a few minutes to the bake time. These are rich and decadent, so have a big glass of milk handy.

Adults and children are going to love Linda McCormick’s Better’N Nutter Butters – Peanut Butter Cookies.

“I’m always looking for something home-baked that beats the highly preserved cookies we’ve grown to like,” shares Linda. “Better’N Nutter Butters is a whole grain peanut butter sandwich cookie my family begs me to bake. It’s a privilege making these little gems because they are picture perfect and taste twice as good as they look.”

Linda’s addition of oats to the cookie makes them a bit chewy and different. The cookie alone is moist and delicious. Once you sandwich the light and fluffy filling inside, it’s a peanut butter paradise!

Wendy Cook’s Oreo Cream Cheese Red Velvet Cupcakes are not only pretty cupcakes, but they are also delicious.

“My daughter and I made these and they are to die for,” says Wendy. “My husband who doesn’t eat many sweets like this ate four of them, the kids scarfed down the rest. Okay, I admit I had a couple. I couldn’t resist!”

I love red velvet cake and the hidden chocolaty Oreo cookie on the bottom complements the chocolate cake flavor. On top, the Oreo cream cheese frosting tastes like cookies and cream ice cream. I think these will be a big crowd-pleaser.

Can you imagine the decadence of eating chocolate cake with cheesecake inside?! Well, that is exactly what you get with Melanie Miller’s (Cane Ridge, TN) Cheese and Chocolate Tunnel Cake.

“Whether it’s a formal sit-down meal or just catching up on our favorite TV programs together, this recipe is always a hit,” explains Melanie. “There’s nothing better than putting this cake down on the table and hearing the reaction!”

This is an impressive dessert that’s easy to make. The weight of the cheesecake batter sinks to the bottom of the Bundt pan. When sliced into, the chocolate cake and cheesecake layers have flipped.

Drizzled with rich chocolate, it’s a pretty decadent piece of cake. With the gloss of the glaze, it’s beautifully presented. Your guests will be so surprised when you cut into this fantastic cake and they see the layers.

Let’s be honest, every month is National Dessert Month to me. But, to have a month where I can specifically enjoy my sweets? That’s a food holiday to celebrate. What’s your all-time favorite dessert recipe? I’d love to know and Happy Pinching!