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Five Ways To Use Your Extra Thanksgiving Turkey

leftover turkey nachos

While my Thanksgiving dinner may be smaller this year, I am still going to roast my usual-sized turkey. It’s just as easy to roast one that’s big or one that’s small. By roasting a larger one, I guarantee leftovers. They’re my favorite and I love to turn the turkey into a completely different dish.

“I threw this together one morning after Thanksgiving and the discovery was so simple and so delicious,” reveals Tiffany Pennington (Catskill, NY). “We’ve made it a comfort food staple for the winter months.”

Tiffany’s Turkey Hash – Thanksgiving Leftovers is a great way to reinvent turkey leftovers. Making a hash from extra mashed potatoes and turkey is genius. Cooking down the onions really gives the hash a punch of flavor. I love the crunch on the outside of the hash once cooked. Serving a fried egg on top sends this over the top. A great breakfast, but it’s hearty enough for dinner.

If you’re looking for a snack, try Doreen Fish’s Leftover Turkey Nachos. “A great way to use up that Thanksgiving turkey,” thinks Doreen. “Delicious and filling!”

These nachos are packed with flavor. A dressing of lime juice, olive oil, cumin, and garlic powder is poured over the turkey. It soaks into the meat and brings this dish to a whole new level. Refried beans, cheese, and salsa round out the nacho flavors. These easy nachos really reinvent turkey.

Another recipe that completely changes turkey’s flavor profile is Margaret G.’s (Cleveland, OH) Leftover Turkey Enchilada Pot Pie.

“After Thanksgiving or Christmas, when the sides and desserts are long gone, but you’re still left with a mountain of turkey meat, what do you do,” asks Margaret. “Jazz it up into something completely different! This recipe is easy and quick but full of flavor.”

When I go to my favorite Mexican restaurant, I often order enchiladas. So, I knew I was going to like Margaret’s pot pie. The turkey is tender and soaks up the enchilada sauce. Chili powder gives the pot pie an extra kick of spice while corn adds a pop of sweetness.

This recipe makes two pies. It can easily be cut in half or prepare all the filling and freeze it as Margaret suggests. Then when you need a quick dinner, defrost the filling and bake following the directions.

“Like many people, I have spent countless hours searching for unique and appealing ways to serve leftover turkey for the several days that followed our huge Thanksgiving feast,” reveals Vickie Parks. “After trying several different soups and stews, my husband and I combined all the things we liked best about our favorite recipes and came up with this wonderful Turkey Stew recipe.”

This stew recipe is perfect for your extra turkey. I love that Vickie roasts the turkey bone. It gives the stew a rich, deep, savory flavor. Adding veggies and rice makes it a very satisfying soup. Serve with crusty bread and you have an easy, delicious dinner.

Lyn Starr (Bakersfield, CA) shared her recipe for a Leftover Turkey Broccoli Bake that my family enjoys.

“We were a bit tired of turkey on the 3rd day, so I came up with a way to change up the flavor,” says Lyn. “Swiss cheese did the trick! My hunny thinks he doesn’t like Swiss cheese and he loves this dish. Go figure… LOL.”

When wondering what to make with leftover turkey, give this broccoli casserole a try. It’s savory, creamy, cheesy, and really easy to make. The Swiss cheese and butter cracker crumbs on top are a nice finish to the dish. This is a filling casserole.

Hopefully, these Blue Ribbon recipes will help you decide what to make with leftover turkey. If you’re looking for other ways to use your turkey (and any extra sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.) check out our Thanksgiving 2.0 recipe collection. Happy Pinching!