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Casserole Recipes for an Easy Back-to-School Dinner

Taco Spaghetti Casserole

Back-to-school time is hectic. Depending on what part of the country you live in, you’re either just getting into your groove or settled into your weekday routine. Regardless, dinner has to get on the table and we’re here to make life easier. These Blue Ribbon casserole recipes will make getting dinner on the table one less thing to worry about.

Kids love chili dogs and they’re going to love Penny R.’s (Atoka, TN) twist with her Chili Dog Casserole recipe. “This basic dish can be altered to add any ingredients you like,” says Penny.

With only 4 ingredients, this is quick and easy to prepare after a long day. What’s not to love about chili, hot dogs, hot dog buns and melted cheddar cheese? Yum!

“My kids are very finicky when it comes to cabbage (one of my favorites) so I only do half the head,” explains Michelle Crawford (Crosby, TX) of what she adds to her Cabbage Roll Casserole. “I miss my grandma’s cabbage rolls but that’s a lot of work steaming each leaf, then filling and placing in another pan so I turned it into this.”

I love cabbage rolls but hate making them. This recipe is the best of both worlds! It is so easy to make with all the cabbage roll flavors. I think cooking Rotel with the ground meat makes a difference and adds tons of flavor.

Hope Vaillancourt’s (Payson, AZ) Buffalo Chicken & Creamy Ranch Potato Casserole has all that classic chicken wing flavor but without the mess.

“Ranch dressing and cream of chicken soup offset the spice from buffalo wing sauce in a satisfying, meat-and-potatoes casserole,” reveals Hope.

This would be delicious to eat when watching Monday or Thursday night football. It’s a touchdown of a dish. The potatoes are tender. Ranch dressing and cream of chicken soup add creaminess to the casserole. So good!

Your family is going to love Lori Moore’s (Collierville, TN) Creamy Pizza Casserole. Lori explains this used to be an appetizer dish that she adapted into a casserole.

A mix of condensed soup and cream cheese make this casserole so creamy. Lori says to use whatever meats you like on your pizza. I opted to use ham, pepperoni, and Italian sausage as the meat and loved the combo. I added some mushrooms to the top too. It’s quick, easy and feeds a big crowd. If you’re not feeding a group of people, you’re guaranteed leftovers for the next night’s dinner.

Marianne Gleason’s (Cincinnati, OH) Taco Spaghetti Casserole is a Mexican/Italian dish rolled into one casserole. Before it’s baked everything is prepped in one pot which makes clean up a breeze.

Taco seasoning gives the robust flavors that you expect from taco meat. The spaghetti is cooked with the meat and soaks up the seasoning flavor. It’s a pretty smart cooking technique. While this creamy casserole is good alone, I tasted it with a little cilantro and sour cream as suggested. Delicious!

Simple and easy to make, these casserole recipes are great back-to-school dinner options your entire family will love. Do you have a casserole recipe you make when in a dinner pinch? Share it below and Happy Pinching!