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Simple Soup Recipes to Satisfy Your Craving

Crock Pot Potato Soup

Soup season is here! There’s nothing more comforting to me than soup on a cold day. Besides being economical, they are easy to make, great for lunch or dinner and can be customized to satisfy every taste bud. If you’re craving soup these days, like me, definitely give these recipes a try.

“I had a pile of produce I needed to do something with and my husband had a craving for soup,” explains Amanda Camden-Spina (Fox Lake, IL). “We’re huge fans of potato and garlic, so there’s a lot of both in the soup. Since this is a slow-cooked soup, there’s plenty of time to adjust ingredient quantities to taste.”

Amanda’s Crock Pot Potato Bacon Soup is guaranteed to warm you up on a cold night. The red potatoes add great flavoring and the seasoning is perfect. The mushrooms are a wonderful addition and I loved them. Just added to the layers of flavor. Bacon and cheese top this creamy and comforting soup perfectly!

If you have some serious meat eaters at your table, you could easily add cubed beef to Debbie Kirk’s (Citrus Heights, CA) terrific Vegetable Tortellini Soup recipe.

“This is a fast hearty soup,” shares Debbie. “Serve with salad and crusty bread for a complete meal.” Filled with carrots, celery, spinach, garlic, and many herbs, this vegetable soup is satisfying enough to be a quick meal idea.

I’ve never met a soup in a bread bowl I haven’t loved. Betty Graves’ (Germantown, TN) New England Clam Chowder Soup in a Bread Bowl is no exception.

“It is so good on a snow day that you are stuck inside and feel the warmth of the house and the beauty of the snow,” thinks Betty. “It is one of these recipes that give you a warm feeling inside.”

I loved this chowder. It was savory, creamy and hearty. Very similar to ones I’ve had in Boston. Don’t forget to eat the bread once you’ve finished the soup. It gets soft from the chowder and is super delicious.

Julie Penman’s (Salt Lake City, UT) Buffalo Style Chicken and Rice Soup, to me, has more of a chili consistency than a soup, but it’s absolutely delicious and filled with Buffalo flavor.

“This healthy and hearty soup combines the same great flavors of Frank’s brand hot wings served with carrots and celery with blue cheese dressing,” says Julie. “But, this is a less guilty, less messy recipe that you eat with a spoon.” The combination of kidney, chili and black beans along with the rice make this a very satisfying soup.

“A great take on a Southwestern favorite,” reveals Kim Wiese (Rockwall, TX) of her Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup. “Perfect for a chilly evening.”

The aroma of this soup while cooking makes you practically giddy to fill up your bowl and give it a try! Save a little time by buying a prepared rotisserie chicken – works like a charm. This soup is creamy, spicy, cheesy, and filling.

If none of these suit your soup craving, check out our Soups On! recipe collection. It’s filled with warm, steamy, creamy and delicious soup recipes. Happy Pinching!