Fried Green Tomato Recipes

fried green tomato recipes

There’s nothing better than biting into a golden brown fried green tomato! And these recipes are so good, you might never let your tomatoes mature to red again. Stacked on sandwiches, simple appetizers, or a yummy snack – these fried green tomato recipes are so darn delicious. No matter if you’re growing a garden this year or heading to farmers’ markets, save these fried green tomato ideas for this summer!

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Fried Green Tomatoes

“I’ve lived in a Southern state for over 6 years now and I’ve finally made these beautiful fried tangy delicious bites! The tomatoes in my garden may not all make it to red anymore.” – Heather
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Fried Green Tomato BLT Sandwich

“I had seen this on a restaurant’s menu, and I put it in my ‘arsenal’ for the right time. I was able to purchase 10 lbs green tomatoes this summer, so I knew fried green tomatoes were in our future! The roasted red pepper mayo makes it. I can still taste how good they turned out!” – Allisha
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Smoky Fried Green Tomatoes With Fresh Garden Salsa

“My husband and I came up with this recipe after collecting a lot of produce from our home garden.” – Wanda
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Mama’s Fried Okra With Green Tomatoes

“When it comes to frying okra no one does it better than my Mama. She uses a simple method that makes delicious crispy fried okra every time. My family has always added a chopped up green tomato when frying okra, they two go really well together making for a wonderful side dish to any meal. With acres of fields planted with vegetables, okra was also fresh when fried as I was growing up. Where I live now, fresh okra is hard to come by but frozen okra works just as well.” – Janet
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The Unfried Fried Green Tomato and Squash

“I love tomatoes and squash is my favorite summer vegetable. Being from the south – I do love my fried foods! I’ve had to learn to cook low fat due to health reasons and these “almost fried” vegetables are pretty close to the real thing.” – cathy
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Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp Remoulade Recipe

“Last week a kind reader left a comment on my fried green tomatoes recipe suggesting that I try fried green tomato shrimp remoulade. I am always looking for new ways to enjoy fried green tomatoes and there is no way that you could go wrong topping them off with some shrimp in a tasty remoulade sauce. As luck would have it, I remembered seeing some green tomatoes at the farmers market last week so the fried green tomato shrimp remoulade made it to my meal plan really quickly! 🙂 This recipe is pretty easy and you can even make the remoulade sauce the day before which works out for the best as the flavours get a chance to mingle overnight.” – Kevin