Super Easy Irish Soda Bread Recipes

irish soda bread recipes

A St. Patrick’s Day meal isn’t complete without Irish soda bread. It can be enjoyed with corned beef and cabbage, beef stew, a full Irish breakfast, or a delicious snack with a cuppa. With no yeast, you do not need to be a seasoned chef to make a loaf for your family. Baking soda reacts with buttermilk to help the bread rise. In the United States, our Irish soda bread adds raisins and caraway seeds. It’s sweet with a cake-like texture. But if you’re in Ireland, you’ll enjoy soda bread that’s more of a true bread made with whole wheat or all-purpose flour. Regardless of which version you enjoy, we think it’s best served warm and slathered with butter. These super easy Irish soda bread recipes are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day (or any day!).

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Irish Soda Bread and Guinness Butter

“This version is one of the best yet… the house smells heavenly!” – Malinda
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“Best American” Irish Soda Bread

“My husband and I took this to a St. Patrick’s Day party and it was gone within minutes! A friend who is originally from Dublin was there and came up to tell me that it was the ‘best American’ version of Irish soda bread that he has had since he immigrated to the U.S. over 20 years ago. I took this as a great compliment!” – Elaine
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Deluxe Irish Soda Bread

“St. Patrick’s Day without Irish Soda bread is just not going to happen around this house. Not if my boys have any say. This is a hearty version with some whole wheat and ground oats. Then to snazz it up, rum-soaked raisins! I cut it like a pie and serve it with the corned beef dinner or shepherd’s pie. Slather with butter or eat plain.” – Linda
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Irish Soda Bread Recipe

“What better to go with Irish lamb stew on Saint Patrick’s Day than some Irish soda bread? The soda bread was the easiest bread that I have ever made. You just mix everything and bake it. It turned out pretty good. The crust was crispy and crunchy without being too hard and the inside was nice and soft and light.” – Kevin
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Irish Soda Bread

“Well, March is upon us which means it’s Irish soda bread time! I’ve made many soda bread’s over the years… this recipe is the one I love most. And clean up is a snap since the preparation only involves two bowls and a wooden spoon. I don’t even bother with a whisk. The flavor is intensified when lightly toasted and enjoyed with gobs of butter, a cup of tea; or, when the mood dictates, a glass of wine.” – Christine
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Dan’s Favorite Irish Soda Bread

“This is the Irish soda bread that my husband Dan loves throughout the year. I make it quite often, not just on Saint Patrick’s Day. I have made other Irish soda bread recipes, but this is the one he requests most often. The neighbors love it too, they will usually ask if I have enough to share with them, and of course, I am always happy to oblige.” – Rose Mary
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Riley Family Soda Bread

“Easy and delish! As we are the Irish family amongst our friends, I always make several loaves of this to share on St. Patrick’s Day. With or without raisins, you’ll love it!” – Elizabeth