5 Labor Day Party Essentials

No lies, this summer has been grand. So make sure to celebrate it with an awesome Labor Day party! While we have a summer cookout checklist to help make your life easier, we’re going the next step to help you make sure this is a Labor Day cookout that no one will ever forget!

1. Food

Feed the people! What is a cookout with the right food? No cookout at all if you ask us. That’s why we’re here to help (as a recipe site, it is kind-of our job!). Here are 27 yummy recipes to help throw a kickin’ labor day cookout! Plus, some of our favorite recent Blue Ribbons that are perfect for a Labor Day party:

1. Anytime Tailgate Sandwiches
2. Wiggins Hot Dog Chili
3. Johnnie’s Simple Potato Salad

2. Drinks

Having plenty of options for both kids and adults is a must! That’s why you should create a “Hydration Station.” From water to lemonade to juices to sports drinks to adult beverages, having an array of options for everyone to drink on the hot summer’s day is key. Here are some great drinks to offer:

29 Refreshing Summer Drinks
Get Your Drink on With Refreshing Summertime Cocktails
Strawberry Lemonade with NO sugar added

In case drinks get warm, here is a trick to chill a drink in 2 minutes!

3. Get Your Grill On

Nobody wants grilling season to end, so make sure to go out with a bang by getting your grill on! We are big grilling fans here at Just A Pinch and have a bunch of articles to help you become a grilling master, check them out:

Grilling 101
Gadgets to Make Grilling Fun & Easy
7 Grilling Essentials Every Grill Master Needs
24 Perfect Grilling Out Recipes
7 Tips to Grilling The Perfect Steaks
8 Shish Kebab Combos for an Easy Summertime Dinner

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4. Summer Playlist

Set the mood with some great summer music! Whether you use a streaming service, radio station or have a great playlist – get that music going to keep everyone in the summertime mood. Need some help starting the playlist? Here’s our own summer mixtape that can help inspire you!

5. Entertainment

Clean the pool and mow the yard, this is bound to be one of the final days to enjoy the summer sunshine. We know you’ll have kids of all ages at your fabulous fiesta, so here are some ways to keep everyone entertained:

8 Fun Summer Yard Games
Everything You Need to Throw the Perfect Pool Party
12 Fun Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer
5 Games to Play on Adult Game Night (just in case of rain)

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