19 Red, White and Blue Food Recipes

Get patriotic this 4th of July with these red, white and seriously awesome recipes! Whether you're in charge of kid's food, dessert or a dish-to-pass, they are perfect for your 4th of July party and are sure to dazzle everyone.

Click Here for Recipe: 4th of July Fruit Kabobs

“I am so excited to share one of my favorite and very festive summer recipes, 4th of July Fruit Kabobs. I brought these treats to a party last summer and they were such a hit. Not only are these kabobs adorable, but they are also healthy – a clear win for team Mom.” - Anna

Click Here for Recipe: 4th of July Firecracker Dogs

“Regardless how many hot dogs your kids already consume these 4th of July firecracker dogs are too cute to not whip up for your neighborhood picnic or family festivities.” - Angela

Click Here for Recipe: Patriotic Popsicles with Summer Berries

“For me, popsicles spell summer. I always have a stash freezing in my freezer ready to be handed out as summery treats. This Fourth of July recipe is a colorful, patriotic take on popsicles. It is a great way to use up the summer berries and are healthy too.” - Ronique

Click Here for Recipe: Red, White and Blue Deviled Eggs

“The next morning I was talking to my mother-in-law and we started talking about making deviled eggs for her church’s Fourth of July picnic. I absolutely love deviled eggs and right then and there all kinds of ideas started to form.” - Kathryn

Click Here for Recipe: 4th of July Rice Kirspie Treats

“We love Rice Krispie Treats. We make a lot of them and we’ve blogged about quite a few of those. But these 4th of July Rice Krispie Treats are our current favorite holiday version of this yummy classic. We know they are going to be a big hit at our 4th of July party.” - Laurie and Nancy

Click Here for Recipe: Easy Flag Fruit Dessert

“Well, you could arrange the fruit on a white cake or make it into a parfait, but I’ve got an idea that’s way easier. All you need is the fresh fruit, a big tray, and some little pretzels covered in yogurt or white chocolate. Just spread those out in rows, alternating with the red berries, and group all the blueberries together in the corner. And presto: a light, easy, festive dessert that will be the hit of any patriotic party.” - Corey

Click Here for Recipe: Easy Patriotic Red, White and Blue Pasta Salad Recipe

“I decided to go with an Italian/Pizza themed pasta salad for the fourth of July this year. Pepperoni, olives, and mozzarella cheese are generally loved by both adults and kids alike. To make this pasta salad extra special, I colored the noodles for a red, white, and blue pasta salad!” - Lynnae

Click Here for Recipe: Coconut Water and Fresh Berry Popsicles for 4th of July

“With July fourth coming up, I’m excited to share these easy, healthy, and super festive Coconut Water and Fresh Berry Popsicles with you!” - Dena

Click Here for Recipe: No-Bake Strawberry Blueberry Trifle

“This blueberry patriotic trifle is perfect for a last minute dessert, and will definitely impress your guests!” - Natasha

Click Here for Recipe: Brownie Flag Recipe

“Tomorrow is National Flag Day so I thought I would share this adorable Flag Brownie which not only is a great way to celebrate Flag Day but makes a fun 4th of July dessert.” - Christin

Click Here for Recipe: Red, White and Blue No Churn Ice Cream for Fourth of July

“When I was a kid and we had cake and ice cream, I always loved mixing it up together into a terrible looking but amazing tasting mush. I was feeling a little nostalgic, so I decided to make up a batch of ice cream with cake crumbles already mixed in. And since it’s almost The Fourth of July, I used red and blue cake for an easy holiday dessert.” - Autumn

Click Here for Recipe: Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Strawberries

“Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Strawberries are perfect for the 4th of July or any summer potluck or picnic. They make a healthier dessert option and look so festive. Plus they are simple to make.” - Christin

Click Here for Recipe: Star-Spangled Gumdrops

“Perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day – they are super festive and make the perfect treat. While my intentions were to make red, white, and blue gumdrops, I realized the sugar coating should totally count for the white :)” - Trish

Click Here for Recipe: Patriotic Pretzel Rods

“If you can heat candy melts and dip pretzels, you can handle this tasty and visually pleasing treat. Pop one or two in a treat bag and twist and you’ve got a gourmet goodie to send to school with your child. Delicious and cute!” - Jessica

Click Here for Recipe: American Flag Coconut Cake

“There is so such flavor in the cake and sweetness in the coconut topping I decided to keep the frosting on the cake very light and used cool whip. You could also use homemade whipped cream – I love adding a little bit of vanilla paste to mine!” - Beth

Click Here for Recipe: Patriotic Popping Sundaes with Cinnamon Naan

“It's not often dessert is fun, but this one is! The cinnamon sugar naan is crisp and buttery. Sweet and creamy vanilla ice cream is a great contrast to the tart raspberry syrup. Blueberries and raspberries add patriotic colors. But what's the most fun is the pop rock candies. They add a fun and festive element of surprise." - Leah

Click Here for Recipe: Fourth of July Berry Dessert Pizza

“This Fourth of July berry dessert pizza needs to be at the top of your list of festive foods to make! The combination of the juicy, sweet berries and cream cheese icing spread on a sugar cookie crust is absolutely delicious. You’ll definitely be going back for seconds, maybe even thirds!” - Rebecca

Click Here for Recipe: Fourth of July Marshmallow Pops

“Red, white & blue marshmallow pops make for a fun and festive 4th of July treat! These darling three ingredient, no-bake, sweet treats are a crowd pleaser for sure!” - Wenderly

Click Here for Recipe: Patriotic Gelatin Fruit Salad

“What a patriotic dessert! It's so impressive when complete, you can use it as part of the table decoration for a celebration. There are a few steps to this recipe, but the end result is delicious. We loved the cream cheese layer. Combined with the whipped topping, it was light and not overly sweet. The cherry pie filling mixed with the strawberry Jell-O makes that layer a bit creamy. Yum!” - Janet


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